Halo Infinite Update - Mid-Season Update

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Did you mean one side starting with the commando, the other the br?

Ill agree when info the community wants, like the road map is released, and the SR 152 situation is responded to accordingly after all the trouble we’ve gone through.

What are people expecting them to do about the situation to make right? If they change the skins to make them look different then the 152 skins, the only way the people who got the new skins will accept it if most people ( which is still subjective ) though the new ones were better then the old ones. I’m sure there’s way more people with the steam skins then the 152 skins too, so -Yoink!- off the majority is definitely not going to be in their interest.

The only possible thing I could see happening is them making the armor coat actually look nice, since there’s no similar option for other people other then those who grinded the 152 rank.

Will we get an option to disable crossplay?


Best we can do is increased BTB radar.


Roadmap when???


Any chance of helping out the Aussies and Euros with more servers?
No geo filter=hellish lag


I’ve been trying really, really hard not to be too critical, but this is very sparse given the number of problems and lack of content in Halo Infinite right now. Excluding the BTB radar update and 1st person framerate adjustments, everything else is ambiguous, the refrain here being “more to come.”

Was this the big update we’ve been waiting for? Is there any content in the near future coming to this game, at all? Can you please address the roadmap? Where is forge and co-op at? Will there be new maps soon?


Dude, they need to give the armor coating promised, and compensate with a helmet or something for the HCS issue. So stop acting like the people I mentioned that fight against needed changes from coming through and instead analyze what issues you might have, so you can report them, and stop acting like you can say that the SR 152 situation should be ignored.

Idk why the motion tracker can’t just be the 25m range that its always been in other halos in all gamemodes. it’s gonna be very awkward adjusting to two different motion trackers in MP rather than just having the tried and true motion tracker range of 25m


Armor fixing yes, the extra free helmet is a big no lol… Let’s solve the problem with a small group of people by -Yoink!- off a significantly larger amount of people who will view that as not fair in the slightest…

Best bet, you’ll get some free pretty emblems for your spartan, weapons and vehicles at best lol…

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Man this game still WAS NOT READY after 5 years + a delay. I am sorry for Mr.staten, imagine coming into this train wreck and having to tell the devs to allow marines to follow Chief and publicly admit that MP is shipping barebones.


Can we please revisit the gametype specific challenges. The most difficult part of these is actually getting the gametype you need. Especially CTF ones. They are weighted so low in the pool of available games.


Only radar for BTB in terms of gameplay changes.

Ok… so… no BR starts? We’re all still perfectly ok with half the team spraying and praying with ARs across the map still? We’re also ok with most stockpile matches going to time limit?

Ok then, I guess. Disappointing update, to say the least. Look like we’re gonna have to wait till next season at least to maybe get some (badly) needed changes.


Glad you find it funny. Nothing better than screwing over your most dedicated fans.


Yeah you’re one of them. If you think grinding for the biggest goal of all Halo’s is not fair to you but them giving the HCS coating out for free is. Get off you high heels and move on because Imma be real, the community doesnt need people who act like this but when they are affected complain, this is the last time I reply.


He’s one of those people who will act like this but you put them on a situation similar to it and they’ll ask for what they had fought against.


Is…. This it? That’s all you have for this ‘big mid February update”?! Dude where is the content. WHERE IS THE MAPS, PLAYLISTS, GAMEMODES, Jesus Christ you guys are really taking your sweet ****ing time with this and it’s absolutely despicable. AAA studio can’t manage to add more content to an already barebones game THREE MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH. No roadmap either. Lmao.


Its always been this way regarding this. I remember the negative outcry when just an armour piece was brought up.
343 is straight up lying when they say theyre promoting player individualism.

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Tell me something, did they make the promise that similar coatings wouldn’t become available down when they posted about the rank coatings way back when?