Halo Infinite Update - May 13

Hey all – thanks for joining us for the launch of Season 2, Lone Wolves, over the past week! We’ve been listening carefully to your feedback and have a game update on the way to address some of the most common topics. Read on to see what will be in the update!

Weapon “Jamming”
After hammering on this since seeing the first community reports, we’ve been able to identify the root cause of the issue and we’ll be reverting the recent change to help get this into players’ hands quicker. We have integrated this into our upcoming update and are eager to get this released as quickly as possible.

Map Traversal
A message from the Level Design Team:

With overwhelmingly strong feedback from our players, it was clear we made a mistake in removing a number of skill jumps from the game.

As a result, we have brought back the following popular jumps:

  • Live Fire: Key door & house panel

  • Bazaar: Double doors (both sides)

  • Aquarius: P side edges (with adjustment)

  • Streets: Pizza

The Live Fire, Bazaar, and Streets jumps are a 1-to-1 roll-back to how they were before the Season 2 update. The Aquarius P side edge jumps have been brought back with some slight adjustment to support their gameplay more officially. The collision on the Aquarius jumps should now be more predictable in addition to some added pipes which aim to more clearly indicate the collision and traversal mechanics. We hope this retains the essence of the skill and combat of the original jump.

We do our best to analyze the trade-offs of different strategies, the movement of players through the levels and the cost or “friction” of traversal in different combat scenarios. In conjunction we strive to create environments that offer a fine-tuned risk and reward experience and clearly communicate the movement opportunities in the combat space.

We originally identified these jumps as falling into a couple categories: Places where the environment was poorly communicating the traversal options of the game world, places that created a combat imbalance, or a combination of both. For example, the Pizza jump utilizes a small light fixture which collides with the player where similar objects do not collide in other parts of the map. In addition, the Pizza jump gives players access to the balcony at a cost we felt was too low and imbalanced in certain game modes (like Strongholds), when evaluating gameplay and our available data.

Players have made it clear that our analysis of these jumps was off target, and we value the feedback.

We’d love for more jumps the community discovers and embraces to evolve as the Aquarius jumps have – to become more clearly communicated visually and have their rules of traversal become more explicit and predictable. However, it is a tough goal to reach for. We realize modifying certain jumps in this way runs the risk of changing their skill ceiling, their discovery, and the fun-factor of what makes them interesting in the first place. Should future adjustments be needed, all these factors will be considered, and player feedback will be fundamental.

Moving forward we are hoping to balance the double-door jumps in Bazaar. The skill required from side to side varies wildly. What that balance looks like, what level of difficulty those jumps retain, and what level of visual communication is necessary are all questions we hope to answer in the future.

Campaign Speedrunning
Making its return to campaign with this upcoming update, the tank gun has found its way home above Outpost Tremonius.

In regards to some of the other common strategies, many of them are far more complicated as they are closely intertwined with the work we’ve been doing in preparation for co-op, but we’ll continue to explore our options.

More goodness
In addition to the changes above, the upcoming update will have even more improvements:

  • PC stability improvements

  • Based on community feedback, Equipment Pods in Last Spartan Standing will now feature all equipment, rather than just Power Equipment

  • The Rakshasa armor core’s leg when using Body Types 1 & 2 will look as intended

  • In Campaign, collected Spartan Cores will accumulate correctly and a player’s balance should now always be accurate. Some players with campaign saves from pre-S2 ended up with their Spartan Core balance and Equipment upgrade track in a bad state, this should now be resolved.

  • Address a rare issue preventing players from capturing zones in King of the Hill

  • On Bazaar, the Overshield will now spawn at the start of a match

  • Pelican vehicle drops will match their pre-S2 frequency and type

  • Wasp respawn timers on Highpower will also be brought in line with their S1 timers

  • In BTB, Fireteam color markers should be applied to your matchmaking Fireteam again

  • Disabling Speed Lines should function as intended

Our team has been working hard to get as much as we can in this update as quickly as we can, but there are still a few more steps we need to take before we can release it out in the wild. We’ll share more on this update’s specific release timing in the next few days.

Thank you again for your continued support and we’ll see you online for our Community Playdate in the Interference event today at 12PM PT on twitch.tv/Halo & youtube.com/Halo/live!


Good stuff. :clap:

Very good stuff.

It’s great to see that skill jumps are going to be supported officially going forward.


I still have no idea how to do skill jumps, since i don’t need them, but thank you for listening to the community!

ALSO TANK GUN! The next Scarab gun!


Yo these changes sound amazing. Thank you. :clap:


Happy to see it!

Is this considered a “drop pod?”

EDIT: It appears this is not a “drop pod” and a true one is coming soon:



Thanks for the update, Uny. Glad to see these being tackled quickly. We certainly did not expect complete perfection as soon as LSS launched and it looks like it’s moving in the right direction.

With regards to weapon jamming: I think this was an unintended consequence of trying to prevent certain button combos. But please bring back the BR + Thruster double shot combo. It took me like five weeks to master that for a very minimal advantage.


Next time there is something you don’t like can we all take a collective deep breath knowing they are listening and will implement changes in a timely fashion. The entitlement of this community has gotten out of hand. skill jumps are still a very niche aspect of the game. Remember when people pizza jump to take C on strongholds it’s because of this community.


This is wonderful news, thank you for these changes and I can’t wait for more!


Glad to hear this is all getting fixed!


Good stuff, especially like the decision to bring back the tank gun, it is just such a fun novelty to get rid of. I still hope that it will get a proper model and animation someday.


HUGE W! Thank you for quickly addressing these issues 343 :slight_smile:


Thank you for being quick with these updates and fixes! Loving season 2!


Wow this is huge. So many changes that the community has been asking for in one update. Thanks for listening to the community!


This is all good to hear. I appreciate how receptive you all have been.

One thing I haven’t seen mentioned or addressed is the fact that the “jamming” bug isn’t merely limited to weapons. There have been multiple instances of the game cancelling my jump inputs, leading to me falling to my death, as well as equipment–specifically the grappleshot, which has also lead to unfair deaths.

I hope rolling back whatever measure was introduced that caused this will also prevent this from happening again.


I hope not since this is just some slight reverts of blunders and bug fixes


Thats a funny statement, considering that desync, terrible lag, lack of content, and very bad monetization still plagues the game and has yet to be addressed in any timely fashion.

Expecting the minimum from a product is hardly entitlement.


Can we get an update on the Progress Fixing Des-Synch and the mess that is the Server Selection code?

80% of my games were connected to a European server (at 250+ ms ping times - likely Amsterdam) when I’m in Alberta Canada. 20% of my games were at 25ms ping times and I know from MCC / H5 (manual Server Selection) that is Seattle.

If the Automagic Server Selector code prioritized Ping Time over your need to keep Europeans people engaged, maybe I’d come back to try out Season 2. But the game is unplayable at 250+ ms ping times and I will not re-install nor will I buy any season pass until this is resolved.


This is pretty neat, glad to not have my leg dislocated anymore


I am so happy to hear all of this! Thank you for listening to the communities feedback even though it might be a bit more than blunt at times.