Halo Infinite Update - June 10

With our recent Halo Infinite update now in the rear-view mirror, the team is looking to land our first “Drop Pod” next week. If you didn’t catch our latest update from Joseph Staten, Drop Pods are our quality of life (QoL) updates that are released within seasons. While they will vary in scope and size, they will always contain bug fixes and focus on improving the player experience.

This first Drop Pod will focus on bug fixes, vehicle adjustments in the sandbox, and implement two features for Ranked. All these improvements come as a result of community feedback and tickets filed on our Halo Support site. To see what other changes we plan on making in the future, we encourage you to read our Season 1 Outcomes reports (Report 1 & Report 2) which discuss what other aspects of Halo Infinite we are working to improve.

Let’s take a look at what’s to come!


  • The in-game text chat window will now consistently show the latest messages received

  • Various issues tied to the User Interface (UI) Narration option in the Accessibility tab of the Settings menu have been resolved

Menus (UXUI)

  • Menu optimizations should result in faster load times of the Battle Pass, Challenge, and Shop pages. The improvement should be more noticeable on lower-spec hardware.

  • The loading screen has been updated to feature Season 2’s “Lone Wolves” key art, which will replace the Zeta Halo ravine image

  • Addressed an issue that prevented unlocked Event Pass rewards from appearing in the post-match reward screen

  • Fixed a bug that showed rewards as locked in the Event Pass when they were unlocked

Multiplayer & Sandbox

  • The durability of light vehicles (Banshee, Mongoose, and Wasp) and medium vehicles (Warthog, Chopper, Ghost, Shade) has been slightly increased to foster better vehicle play

  • The Scorpion tank’s controls have been adjusted and should feel more intuitive

  • The volume of the Disruptor’s supercombine sound has been reduced when heard from a distance

  • An issue that could result in repeating VFX and SFX (such as repeated grenade explosions, shield recharging, etc.) has been resolved

  • An issue where players could mark or “ping” opponents through walls has been resolved

Performance & stability improvements

  • Xbox One stability has been improved to reduce instances of players not entering matchmaking games

  • All changes to Target Frame Rate in the Settings tab are now reflected in-game for Xbox Series X|S users

Ranked Matchmaking

When this Drop Pod lands, so will two features targeted at improving the Ranked experience.

The first is that new accounts will need to complete 25 matches in social playlists before they can queue in Ranked Arena. As mentioned in this blog, this serves to improve things in a few different ways. First, it will give our various systems a chance to detect cheaters and griefers before they jump into Ranked on a new account. This detection period and the time commitment of having to play 25 games will also add friction for those repeatedly making new accounts with bad intent. Third, it helps ensure that any truly new players are familiar with the basics before they enter an environment where their (and their teammates’) Ranks are on the line.

Please note: If you’ve already played 25 matchmade games of Halo Infinite, you will be able to jump straight into Ranked.

The second feature is meant to help reduce the frequency of under/over-performers in Ranked matches. With this update, Ranked matchmaking will require Fireteam members to be within a certain range of each other’s Competitive Skill Rank (CSR).

Previously, if an Onyx player teamed up with a Silver player, the Onyx player would likely over-perform and the Silver player would likely under-perform. This could cause frustration or disappointment not only among teammates but with the other team as well. By implementing this feature, we can start to ensure competitive matches more consistently.

The CSR range is applied based off the highest-ranked player in the Fireteam, and works like this:

  • For 899 CSR (Gold 6) or lower, there are no restrictions

  • At 900 CSR (Platinum 1), a limit of 900 points is introduced.

  • Between 900 CSR (Platinum 1) and 1500 CSR (Onyx), the Fireteam CSR limit will slowly tighten as you climb the ranks. It will start at the 900 limit mentioned above and tighten to its final destination of 600. This essentially means that on the way to Onyx, every 2 CSR gained will tighten the Fireteam limit by an increment of 1 CSR.

For example, if a player progresses from 900 CSR (Platinum 1) to 1200 CSR (Diamond 1), their Fireteam CSR limit would tighten from 900 to a stricter 750. At this new 1200 CSR, the lowest rank they could party up with would then be 1200 (their CSR) - 750 (the Fireteam CSR limit) = 450, or Silver 4.

  • At 1500 CSR and above, the limit is 600 points.

For example, if a player was Onyx 1700, the lowest CSR they could party up with would be 1100, or Platinum 5.

  • Unranked players can only Fireteam with other not-yet-qualified players, and with qualified players up to CSR 899 (Gold 6)

For now, we are intentionally starting on the looser side, but we’ll adjust these ranges over time based on data and player feedback.

We’re excited to get all these improvements out to you next when this Drop Pod lands next week.

Please remember that you can always provide feedback here on the Waypoint Forums and submit tickets for technical issues on the Halo Support site.

Prepare to drop!


Darn. Was hoping the drop pod was how the CQB helmet would be added to the game…


I’m super uninformed about the rank stuff. Not even sure if those changes will help out or doom us all :sweat_smile:

The other stuff seems a-okay.

Just make sure you guys don’t forget the challenges. They need constant improvement if they’re gonna be here for the next few seasons.

They’re too taxing as it currently stands. The more improvements, the better.


Don’t give up Marlo, we will get that CQB helmet!


whats the point of adding a csr range when the range is MASSIVE to the point its nearly pointless also 25 games relatively speaking isnt that many especially if you just farm the fastest game modes thats like nothing.

the ranked update is a crap joke


Increase the wasp durability? What the actual? Why?

Do you play your own game?

EDIT: Seriously though this is incredibly bone headed. The Wasp is incredibly oppressive as is.


true if anything the banshee needs a major armor increase who said anything about the wasp being too weak


the banshee on the other hand is so weak its a complete joke and a meme


Does this mean we can’t play with friends in ranked if we have different CSR’s? I.e., if I was a diamond and they were low platinum or high gold, we wouldn’t be able to play with one another?


I thought it got an armor boost. Is it still underperforming?

As someone who really likes going on killing sprees with the wasp I see no issues

Until someone else is in the wasp


That’s exactly the point. Lol


Means, we have to play “bad” if we are better than a friend, to be able to play together in ranked, at some point?!

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Here’s hoping we get a playlist rotation as well, I’d love to play Action Sack


If you are going to prevent lower ranked people from playing with their friends that are higher ranked in ranked matchmaking, then you need to add more playlists with BR starts in social matchmaking… BTB would be a good start.

It is sad how many choices are made that reinforce the fact that this game is not made for people to play with their friends. Whether intended or not, this is the number one reason why this game will never reach the “broader audience”.


Bummer, no PC “stability” improvements? The game still feels like I’m playing at 20fps even though I’m 100+. Plus I should be getting way higher than 100 fps on lowest settings and at 1080p on a 2080ti.


Thanks for the update - but it was a waste of time reading it.

The only two things that would even make me think about downloading Halo Infinite again to my Xbox One X are not here.

The first is is being able to select what Server I play on. 80% of my solo matches were at 250+ ms ping time because your server selector thinks that a European server is somehow closer to me in Alberta Canada than Seattle Server (which is at 25 ms ping times). Until you add in MCC / Halo 5 type Server Selector AND honour it, the game is an unplayable joke.

Secondly, why is there zero update on your efforts to finally fix De-Synch? Did you forget about this or just trying to shove it in the corner and hope no one remembers your massive explanation of what is going on (which was deleted mysteriously).

Without these QOL fixes, the game is a broken joke.


It wasn’t deleted. Just buried.



343 continues to find ways to make everything they do a disappointment.

Do they really think this is going to make more people want to play this game?