Halo Infinite Update - Jan 28

…my non sweat friends won’t even play infinite with me until we can turn off cross play in social… There are no customs for us to play and no infection… No one will comment on infection, it’s like it breaks the engine and it’s being kept a secret.

Is infection gone for good or are you intentionally witholding for a limited time event?

Again, I just want to play casual halo with my friends not have to go 20+ kills just to not get annihilated and YOU stopped us from being able to search FFA as a group.

Just give us non sweats the dignity of an answer, the silence is deafening.


We need campaign challenges…or just something to do in the campaign. Too short and empty.


Awesome thanks for the update Team!


If it takes you this long to fix a small cosmetic bug, the bigger and more important stuff like crashes, anti cheat and meaningful content like modes, maps and whatnot will take around a year per map?


Hey aren’t you guys supposed to be making a Live Service game? 3 months to recenter 2 cosmetics is absolutely unacceptable.

We’re never getting Forge, Co-Op, PC Optimization, a reasonably priced MTX model, or a UI that actually functions, are we?

Absolutely ridiculous, dude.


Disappointing again.
Can’t promise a fix for BTB.
Can’t give a decent shop.
Won’t acknowledge terrible prices.
Nothing on desync.

Man thats sad that you guys weren’t able to tell that these weren’t centered. Definitely doesn’t take an eagle-eye. Makes you guys seem like you’re being petty that you should try to make content not look like a sloppy slap on sticker.


Turn off the store till your game works. Should be a crime that you’re making money off a product that is held together by spit and good wishes.


Some people believe in gods and demons… I’m starting to think they have more of a basis in reality than playing BTB anytime soon.

We don’t want beliefs, we want that thorough testing you keep saying you do to confirm it works.

Feedback? You mean the complaints right? Lets not sugar coat it.

What! The front end UI should be the easiest part to modify. Did you guys lose the instruction manual or something?

At an inflated price like the $7 helmet your guys are currently peddling?

Quick shift huh. Yeah ok. Thanks for the aforementioned $7 helmet that actually costs $10 cause you cant buy 700 points.

90 days?! To learn that you are overcharging? 90 days to learn that people want things cheaper? Really? You a slow reader or something?

Loving the optimism you will still have a player base to bilk by then.

I think it was assumed they would be cheaper though, so no rush if your keeping those premium price tags in your broken mess of a game.

3 months for a minor graphical fix? I thought this was a live service game. wowowowow this is is just getting better by the minute.

How about what we, the userbase would like in an update down the line… like consistent servers. Less 200+ping games, being able to you know… shoot the enemy in a shooting game or use cover as, well cover. That would be swell.

Nah, I’m taking some acting classes, i want to become a good actor and not have to use a geofence to get a good game. Guess that means switching to a working title though and not something hammered out by 343i.


Tell you bosses we need:

Better princes in AND out of bundles. 7$ for a helm is way to much.

Let us buy items from within bundles

Revamp that store UI asap, and make a set-up like the UCS page where everything that gets added to the stroe stays forever, so no FOMO LIKE YOU GUYS PROMISED BEFORE LAUNCH

all credits we can earn via a battlkepass MUST NOT require the premium pass, and in the future we need a way to earn small amounts of credits that wont run out, like a lump sum for finishing weekly ultimate challanges

Better comunication overall, be clear about whats going on and why, no more of this vauge UI cant support it stuff, which by the way you said about playlists but poeple found a scroll bar via glitching, so it kinda seems like you lied.

Stop being so condienceding. We get it your stressed out, but not being down to earth and honest 100% of the time just pisses poeple off, and thus makes them stress you out more.

This all goes on that your bosses are actuly allowing you to good faith fix this game and make the shop have fair prices and such, if not you should quit.


So does the team know about those broken Zeta Sky codes, or will pre-order customers remain ripped off?


That’s a yikes from me


Three months to align an effect on a visor? What are you guys doing over there?! Are you working on a skeleton crew? What the hell is going on?

And you know what else? F your goddarn shop! There! I said it! Nobody asked for it!

I’ve been enjoying Halo for 20 years but y’all finally pissed us off!


Yeah I agree, big yikes.


Still having problems with my zeta sky armor that I got with the LE Halo Xbox series X consle. I have not recieved it at all. Very disappointed…

As far as shop bundles. I feel 343 can get more money if they allow people to create bundles by tier. Have various items to choose from and if it’s a ‘rare item’ the number of the bundle goes down by one.

For example, if u can select 4 items in a bundle, but one is rare or more costly. The select items you can choose goes down to either 2 or 3.

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As someone who has been hopeful about changes coming. This was a very hard read. There are some issues that cannot wait until S2 and it sounds like simple things aren’t getting fixed for the sake of hitting that date. I just hope no one thinks S2 will magically fix what is currently broken.


Should have delayed. They launched this game on the barest of bare-bones builds just to get it out the door.


Where is the roadmap? Swear you guys promised it by the end of January, and here we are, almost at the end of January.
The game desperately needs new content, maps, playlists, cross core customisation, hell even just more regular shop updates would be nice. There’s barely any point playing and when you do, the challenge system is so overwhelmingly painful.


They might as well remove the whole game. Just about everything is broken in this game… lol


So all of the telemetry analyzed of MP and feedback read from the forum. Are this the main issues?

  • shop prices, bundles and individual items?
  • cyber showdown cosmetics not aligned with different helmets?



Don’t blame it all on the “new age of gamers” it’s also the fault of those who grew up got plentY of money and became whales blinded by nostalgia.