Halo Infinite Update - Jan 28

Game don’t work, but who cares GIB MONEY!!


Don’t worry though, we’ve busted out our levels and protractors and will get these centered when Season 2 rolls around.



Regarding the store layout and the topic of current limitations and the requests (lets be fair, need) for changes, some suggestions:

Main suggestion:
The current tile layout is extremely limited. Even if this were to remain as a method of introducing new items to the store as they become available and function as a “landing page”, there really needs to be a toggle to pull up an itemized list of previously released items for that season. This will cut down on FOMO and more specifically allow people to buy things individually, at their own pace within the current season, not to mention several other smaller issues/gripes that an open storefront would address.

Secondary suggestions:
Player Bundling
While a direct benefit of the main point would be piecemeal purchases that a lot of people want, to add to that I’d like to see a bundling system. Alongside your featured bundle of the week, let us build a bundle for a % discount off of the individual prices of the selected items. The bundle would consist of a helmet, chest, left shoulder, right shoulder, and 3 accessory slots to be filled by either coatings, visors, or hand/wrist/knee pieces/helmet accessories. Bundle price would come in 20-30% below piecemeal total. Could do the same thing with flair, allow a bundle for a handful of keychains, armor effects, emblems, pallets, nameplates, etc. This promotes not only value, but choice, and being locked into curated bundles often discourages purchases.

Store Sales
This is a super unpopular take, but let’s be real, cosmetic pricing in Infinite is not even remotely as bad as some people make it out to be when compared to its competitors. With the exception of a few items (pre-price drops and current) the values have been in line with what other games are doing for similar items within those respective games. While we’ve gotten some pricing adjustments, varying from pretty good to meh, it is not a reasonable expectation that this will keep happening. Going into season 2 (if not sooner), a sale rotation would be a smart idea. Smart use of a sale feature should range from entire bundles to pieces of bundles or even big ticket standalones. This is tricky because you’re going to get people flipping their lid over FOMO and demanding discounts for something they “just bought”, but that’s how sales have worked for decades.

Coatings and visors
These really need to be made universal. Visors unlock across all cores, coatings unlock across their entire “type” (armor/weapon/vehicle). If doing this retroactively would cause issues from a developmental standpoint, simply include the item for each subtype in the “sale” at a flat rate and be done with it. What you did today with the AI colors is a good example of this approach.


hey alright

another tonedeaf update


I don’t want to be critical and I really appreciate the update, but why would this take all of February through the beginning of May to fix? Is something like this difficult to update in Infinite?

Also can we please have a communication cadence set? I was expecting an Inside Infinite yesterday and hoping for a Roadmap. This was an excellent form of communicating to the community and I’m sad to see it go away.


The shop can’t be reformatted for season 1


No timeline specified on a fix. Only vaguely that they want a better offer of individual items and bundles through season one.


Nice to get an update, but I wish we got better news. I really hope the BTB fix works this time around, I want to play the game more, but it sucks when your favorite playlist has been broken for longer than it has worked. Also, nothing on things like desync?

It is really frustrating how many issues, big or small, just sit around until one big update fixes most of them and then introduces some new ones. This was a problem with MCC too, and it reeeaaaaally hurts with Infinite. I don’t think people would mind smaller patches that fix stuff like the stupid cyber showdown armor effects, or the broken textures on Jorge’s armor kit, in between the larger updates, it’d at least make it seem like things are happening.


Can you please explain why we have to wait until the next season for you to align the effects?

Is it on the bottom of priorities? Is it really complicated and can’t be fixed in less than an hour? Do you have to do it for each individual helmet (seems unlikely)

I don’t mean to be a be a couch developer I just… Find it really hard to believe that you can’t fix this in an afternoon.

Please tell me that I’m wrong and that I’m foolish for even suggesting this.


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gracias por leer

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343/Microsoft has really disappointed me with the release of Infinite. It’s best to just step away from this game for a few months and let these people fix the mess they’ve created.

I thought that this was an issue only I was going through. After Quick Resuming, I have to restart Infinite every single time in order to play a match. Defeats the entire purpose of it.

  You lowered the price on bundled items AFTER removing items from the bundle. So technically nothing has changed and this whole thing is still a money grab lol. After I capped out the battle pass at 100 I haven't played since. Ranking system is trash, only one ranked playlist, desyncs, no end to the cheaters, FFA end game still broken, join in progress "JIP" is a complete joke and pointless when you have bots in game, the list goes on. This game will always be a "gofundme" type of game. Halo Infinite will always be in a beta state. They're making $ from the shop, why would they care? Lol 

  This young new age of gamers are ridiculous ruining the gaming industry for the consumer and will spend money on anything. These type of behaviors makes these big gaming companies don't care at all. They pushed out a broken game and relied on these kids to pay their bills.

 When will 343i stop forcing xbox players to play against PC players? The "Xbox boss" is a complete lier and it's shows when it goes down the chain. F2P Halo was the wrose thing to happened to this franchise. I really want to support this game. Halo has had a big impact on my life growing up and to see it how it is today is ridiculous, shameful and sickening.....

Anyone else notice BTB is gone entirely now?

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Honestly, I don’t care about any of that. Even if everything you posted was fixed, it doesn’t change the core weapon balancing, which is terrible. There is virtually no incentive for an individual player to attempt to get better at the game, because the entire gameplay loop depends only on teamshot. The BR is too easy to use and takes way too long to slay. The AR is too easy to use, there is no incentive to utilize precision weapons, even if there was one in the game that was actually serviceable and not plagued with random bloom or spread.

There is virtually no actual skill-gap in the most basic gameplay element of a first-person shooter. I haven’t touched the game since launch, because the actual gameplay, not the shop, not dress-up spartan, is bland. The aiming is still weirdly off. Melees are a joke. When you peel back the issues with monetization, you find the core game itself just isn’t fun, because there is nothing to strive for.


Any word on cross core customization? Is there a reason bots can do it but we cant? It would greatly expand customization especially for battle pass purchasers.


I could care less about the shop fix desync


I’ve found that loading a film in Theatre then exiting fixes the quick resume issue without having to quit and restart the game.


So glad they got to have a vacation, meanwhile the game sometimes can ot even be loaded because of server issues.

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Oof we have fo wait 90+ days until the hawk and visor are centered that’s horrible on my eyes lol. I hope this upcoming btb fix works man i really do i miss btb. If the btb fix does not work i really think ya’ll should just remove vbtb until it does. Hopefully after btb is finally fixed we can get that roadmap next.


Can not* sorry, I don’t have an edit option.

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