Halo Infinite Update - Jan 28

Hey all – we’re back with another weekly update! This time we wanted to provide more info on Big Team Battle, continue our conversations around the Shop, and more. Let’s get to it!

Big Team Battle Status Update
Using the telemetry we received from the hotfix on January 19, we were able to make a new build with an update that we believe should address the core issue impacting the BTB playlist. The studio ran a successful playtest today and plans to send it off for certification on Monday. After it’s sent off, it will take some time to go through the certification process and to find out if it’s approved. Once it’s approved, we’ll begin preparing to release it to the public. Since there’s still a little more of the internal release process to go through, the earliest we’d expect this hotfix to land would be next Thursday, February 3.

Shop Updates
This week we rolled out individual items for the first time in the Shop and have been paying attention to the feedback covering everything from the presentation of items to specific pricing.

We’ve seen the desire to have bundles, while making the individual items within it purchasable on their own. This is not something the Shop supports right now and we’re evaluating our overall presentation to see how we can better meet the needs and expectations. Through the rest of Season 1, our focus is to provide a better offering of individual items and bundles to help players get the customization they would like without having to buy larger bundles.

Our quick shift post holidays was in recognition that we were not delivering on value, quality, or price. The offers we are running now, and will continue to run throughout S1, are to help us learn what is working and what’s not. This will take time, but we know that our learnings here will positively impact Season 2 right off the bat.

There have also been some questions about how and if previous bundles would return to the Shop, and right now we are looking at this on a bundle-by-bundle basis. Some bundles will come back into rotation and some will be broken up to allow players to purchase their individual items. We’ll have more info to share on this in the future.

And yes, the cat ears (aka Purrfect Audio helmet attachment) will make a return to the Shop again this season.

Behemoth CTF in Ranked
Earlier this week, Behemoth CTF was removed from our Ranked playlists for the time being. If you’re interested in learning more about the data and player feedback that led to this decision, you can read more here on Waypoint.

Cyber Showdown’s Neon Screen & Neon Hawk
Eagle-eyed players noticed these two Armor Effects weren’t absolutely, perfectly aligned with their Spartans’ helmets, spurring some light-hearted memes. Don’t worry though, we’ve busted out our levels and protractors and will get these centered when Season 2 rolls around.

Again, thank you for continuing to provide quality feedback, day-in and day-out, on Halo Infinite. We see it all, and we’re acting on what we can quickly while also taking stock of what we’d like to target for larger updates down the line.

We hope you all have a good weekend, and we’ll see you online!



BTB maybe fixed again next week
Shop can’t be reformatted
Behemoth gone
Armor effects straightened out in three months


Any updates on overall server fixes?

I really hope that’s sarcasm. I half expecting to log in right now have see them fixed?


Hmm, I was expecting an update on several other issues too. At this point, I honestly couldn’t care less about the shop.

At least BTB seems to be pretty stable for me. For most of the time I have no problem with getting into matches for about 2 days now. :+1:


woot yes lets gooo amazing


Please address the server stability issues AT ALL!


You should not even DISCUSS the shop until you fix your game! You should freeze all shop purchases until the melee is fixed! This is insane! Stop taking advantage of your own community! We deserve better than this, we deserve acknowledgement at all!


Please fix random disconnects mid game. The server will start skipping around then drop half the teams. This happens in ranked and it hurts our rank.


While you’re fixing the Neon alignments, could you hit up the Jadeiron Plate for Yoroi? It’s perfectly aligned on the right of the screen (or the Spartan’s left side) but the other side looks weirdly smaller and several inches out of line. Just while we’re on the topic of cosmetic values being a li’l funky.

Otherwise thanks for the update, keep up the good work, and we hope to see more awesome stuff Season2 onwards!


Reading this update was upsetting.


I don’t understand this studio man. They design a UI that doesn’t have any type of flexibility for expansion or change. My god. Playlists were an issue cause of the UI, store is now an issue cause of the UI…. Who designed this thing? It just baffles me.

BTB may be fixed, again. Last tests passed too right so I guess, no one get your hopes up too much. We’ll see I guess.

I have to stop following these updates, it just makes me angry.


@Unyshek is there going to be any improvements with the server desync? It’s quite noticeable at times


Yeah, definitely agree.
It looks horrible and will bring even more problems over a long period of time.
343’s UI’s have been broken for 7 years straight now. The UI in H5 still has all the same issues since the game launched. (2015)

Uninspiring, clunky, unpractical, buggy. What makes things worse is that Quick Resume is also broken, as a first party studio of Microsoft this issue seems a bit…weird?

Additionally to that, whoever came with the idea to think that horizontal scrolling through basically everything would be a good idea (after H5…)…nothing left to say.


Man come on you have to address the fact that you didn’t include the Firefall attachement in a $7 purchase. You talking about value and still failing to deliver but making it worst.

At least award the people who spent the money on the attachment they want instead of selling it for $5 later.


You mentioned that the visor and Mohawk are going to be fixed in season 2. Will there be something to fix the Jorge shoulder texture as well?


Something that hefty will need to be revisited down the road, maybe season 3 or 4 if we’re lucky


It’s very disappointing that desync still isn’t being acknowledged significantly other than from a single tweet.
Still hard to believe that BTB isn’t working for an entire month and it feels like a joke that it’s going to take 3 months to fix an armour effect.
The game at it’s core is so fun and seeing all of these issues is incredibly disheartening.


Would be a good attempt to make us have some customizations in a way we players want, without having to pay for it. By putting in some more options to actually earn them in game. Just saying.