Halo Infinite Update - BTB and More (UPDATED JAN 19)

Hey there! Welcome back, any news about all the people that havent receive the hcs twitch drops from December?


Having to wait another full month before seeing anything done to cheaters is absolutely ridiculous.


Looking forward to the roadmap! :slight_smile:


Sweet, I’m eager to hear more about ranked progression, the item shop, and balancing updates! Hope you all had a great and mostly relaxing Holiday!

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Awesome! Looking forward to this fix, been eagerly waiting as I enjoy BTB quite a bit. The communication has been great! Though looking forward to see a road map some time down the road.

Glad you guys are finally starting to communicate again. BTB fix not coming this week is disappointing considering how much time you have had regardless of the break. This is a live service game, and the future isn’t looking bright if you can’t respond to problematic issues quickly (seriously what has it been now a month?). Good to see a roadmap is being planned as the community desperately needs it. I hope it isn’t vague, doesn’t ignore major issues and has realistic deadlines you won’t end up missing. This is the third time we have gone through this song and dance of you releasing unfinished products and I have little sympathy left for you. You can turn this around, but you need to stop being dismissive, listen to us and focus on something other than money for a second. I know you’re capable of this so don’t let us down again.


Information seriously goes a long way, thanks for the update!!

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This update is about what I’d expect. Roadmap (assuming it comes in February?) is important though.


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Whats up with the fresh bot accounts made solely to give positive feedback for minimal info?



Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the roadmap.


good stuff, cant wait for the improvements & fixes.

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I would love to be able to view this on iOS Safari, but in spite of my report of the site being totally broken as soon as it was overhauled, it remains broken, even though an employee replied. Hoping posting that here gives visibility.

Anyways, moving on to this update. Thank you for working on these things, but are you guys still unaware that BTB challenges are still being given? Or that FFA challenges are totally broken? These issues are costing players money today. Can we please get an acknowledgment of them?

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Please… playlists for ranked: Slayer, swat, objective, snipers, BTB, FFA
Social playlists: actionsack, fiesta, quick play, infection, griffball, BTB, FFA, assault, invasion, firefight

A Halo game shouldn’t have such an abysmally small selection of playlist options. The gameplay is soooo good when the game actually works and the UI doesn’t crash and rapid fire could not connect popups like it’s a bad lime wire download.

Gameplay good. Gameplay options bad. The refocusing of playlists around timed events within a battle pass is just not good. And when BTB doesn’t work and crashes your game when you want to play BTB and then the only reliable playlist is ranked arena and you just get oddball relentlessly for the majority of games… I never thought I would miss Halo 5 lobby simulator and the req system but I could at least play the game mode I wanted to in that hot mess


Let’s hope the roadmap, that is talked about here, is promising and fills the hole making this game feel so soullessly empty.

The feedback has been articulated so often now, it should be really clear what the priorities are.

From QOL like desync/melee/timer-to-queue-up to missing features like cross core, maps, commendation, stat expression, progression, a crafting giving rarities purpose to all the good stuff that has been expressed

Worth mentioning my i put all that feedback together in a professionally encapsulated UIUX & Systems concept for you guys. Or at least the wireframe stage of that.

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/rihm7a/uiux_redesign_system_rework_part_1_wireframe/


Good to hear we’re getting some fixes!

Although I’m a little disappointed the server issues, desync, cross play, and other balances aren’t mentioned. Since these are problems that occur in every single game, I thought it would be more of a priority. But, I digress. Some news is better than no news.


Nice to hear that a Fix is on the way!. Thanks @ske7ch

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3 things that are needed in Infinite: Anti-cheat, Desync Fix, and More Fan-service.


Don’t forget more game modes, that would be dope too

Thank you for the update. It’s good to finally get some official acknowledgment of the things that the community is concerned with and that a roadmap is going to come out.

However I feel that today’s statement (acknowledgment and stuff actively being worked on) could have come sooner. E.g. telling people that a task force was still working on BTB while the majority of the team was on vacation could have happened and helped people not feel completely left alone with that issue.

I think the majority of people understand that bugfixing isn’t an exact science where you can immediately provide a time estimate. It also makes sense that if there are a lot of interdependencies it takes some time to put a consolidated roadmap together. But still proactive communication is key and you can (and should) do better in this regard in the future. Tell us that the issue is actively looked into or discussed internally.

One example of this would be the situation with BTB challenges. Has the concern been heard? Is there a technical reason why those can’t be taken out of the rotation? Staying quiet on this front is what drives people to assume it’s so challenge swaps would be used on them. I’m pretty sure that is not the impression you want to make.

To end on a positive note: I like the game and hope you’ll be able to quickly put the most pressing issues in the back mirror. I’m sure you can do it.


thanks for the update, I’m glad to know you guys are on a fix