Halo infinite | UNSC Archives

I am really loving the new UNSC archives videos. What do you think?


agreed always love these shorts. I hope we get something more akin to past game trailers as well.


Nice perspective outside the lens of familiar characters.

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I loved Project Magnes, my favorite so far.


I like the approach to more mundane and normal stories, outside of the whole war concept, it reminds me of the Halo Reach videos of when families who lived there worried and afraid of the invasion appeared.


My reaction to the first one was pretty much “ok” and I got on with my life. It was not bad in any way, it was pretty good, just nothing too interesting to me.

But the second one “Project magnes” I loved. I was both entertained and emotional, it was a perspective in the lore that was somewhat new and refreshing which was also interesting.
I liked that we saw her train a lot physically, possibly to be able to handle the grapple’s power once she got it to work.
I was just waiting for her to injure herself. Imagine if she would have died once she got it to work, I would have cried.
If that thing can send the Chief flying then she must have gotten herself quite a hard smack. I was relieved when she got up and laughed.
I was very impressed by this video.


I like them. It’s a bit like all those history videos where they keep telling you logistics wins wars. Well, how many stories are behind this one super soldier. It contextualises the Chief as being something all of humanity is a part of. All the effort that’s went into producing the technology and everything.

Oh I just thought. I bet the last one is going to be how the Weapon was created since it’s about the armour and the armours meant to house an AI.


I feel like this whole skit was stolen from like a hundred different invention progression montages. Reeling yourself into a wall is also quite a bit different than defying physics and launching a 1,000+ pound supersoldier towards a 100 pound grunt. I’m not an emotionless guy but the director of these has to realize that making your characters cry doesn’t automatically win over the sympathy of your audience.


I think they are great.

I love how they mainly focus on the people behind the parts of Cheifs armour, and not just videos showing how the armour works.


I liked it. Very “down to earth” and reminds me a lot of why i liked ODST as a game.
Super soldiers are great and all but there’s a lot of little guys out there doing their part and making a difference in their own way.


Yes, these trailers are really interesting in their own right. But have you spotted how each is also a multilayer story, because if you study them a little more, each one contains “Pictionary” style and other puzzles which unlock other meanings and stories?


All in the context of another team who also recovered Jackal Shield Tech, spot how in “Unspoken”, the wall is covered with diamond patterns with a line up and a line down. Meaning of Clue?

(1) The Diamond pattern is seen in the Halo Reach cutscenes map views, linking us into “Memories of Reach”.

(2) Now notice the music is inspired by a Reach related Halo story theme tune.

(3) The lower lines below the diamonds on the wall are the “Unspoken” words of another character, giving us a second “deeper meaning” story. This is confirmed by when the Marine mentions Medivac and his throat injury as why he can’t speak, then we only see the upper line above the diamonds in the picture - these are unique lines to the Marine, and are not in the other character’s story.

Solve these clues, and then “reconstruct” the “Unspoken” lines in this trailer as a “man or machine?” begins “Dear Mr. and Mrs. [WHO’S PARENTS?]. I served with your son [NAME?]. Let me tell you how he really died as a Hero saving many lives…”

Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do we even know yet if by grappling a grunt, we go flying to him? Perhaps the grunt may come flying to us and if that does happen, we better be able to throw him.

It’s a nice in lore way to build hype, great stories.

Though I’m interested to see a ViDoc of the development process get insights from the actual developers. Like the old Halo 3 ViDoc’s. Now that would be cool.


So far so good. Could be a bit better tho.