Halo Infinite Trailer Possible Easter Egg

Hey yall, just kinda had a idea. You know how in the trailer it shows a lit up wall with hieroglyphics on it. I was thinking… What if we entered those codes into one of the terminals. Ya know the ones they had in CEA or in waypoint. just a thought.

You’d need the same symbols to do that and some of those aren’t any known Forerunner symbols.

Interesting idea, I don’t know if they are the same kind of glyphS or not, if they are, worth a try, right?

Unfortunately not an option, as the codes do not match with any in-game terminal symbols, these are completely new symbols we have never seen before. There are two current theories: they’re either forerunner letters that are combined together, or are human symbols based off ancient human symbology.

This thread is looking into this