Halo Infinite Tower Elite

Has anyone caught the name of the elite that says “Welcome to my tower, Master Chief”? I’d love to read up on him.

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His name is “Chak 'Lok.”

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Ah thanks, I’ve been typing Chack 'Loq

me too,its goo have halo back

I know this comment isn’t entirely canon related (and we are in the Halo Universe section), but damn did I love fighting Chak. It was a bit of a fright when he came out of nowhere, but I think that adds to the enjoyment. That all combined with the threat sensor, switching back to grapple, and dodging his Sword attacks was just great all round. Halo has finally done boss fights right.

(SPOILER) But I do want to take this moment to say RIP Griffin, he seemed like a bad*ss, and maybe a Spartan-IV that the community would’ve came to respect that wasn’t in a past Halo game (especially a Bungie Halo). Oh well, we can always hope for more, or that at least some survived from Fireteam Taurus.

Fighting Chak 'Lok was really fun! I like how 343 did the boss fights.

Did you know that during Griffins scene, you can feel his heartbeat slowly fading with the vibration of the controller? It adds so much to the scene. I love how 343 handled the campaign.


I genuinely didn’t notice that detail with the controller. But one thing for sure is that 343 did pour a lot of care and creativity into the game