Halo Infinite - Thoughts from a long time Halo fan - [ps. - new radar is terrible]

Thought I’d give my opinions based on everything I’ve played of Halo Infinite so far and I’ve got to say, as a long time Halo fan - ultimately I’m not enjoying this latest iteration from 343 again. I think it’s 343’s best effort, but still pails into comparison to Halo 3/Reach gameplay wise.

Several issues I have with the game so far:

1.) Lack of maps - what is there like 2 big team maps and 3 arena maps in total? All but one of the maps are actually pretty decent but it’s remarkably short on content. I really wish they’d just ditch the whole forge world thing all together and focus that time and resources on putting more maps with character into the playlists.

2.) Lack of playlists - Playlist choice is a bit limited at the moment, particularly where ranked is concerned.

3.) Radar - This is perhaps the single biggest, game-ruining complaint I have so far. Gameplay wise I’m in a bit of a love/hate space with this game at the moment but the single thing that may make me bin it off entirely is the radar. It might as well not be there at all and kind of makes the option for stealth/crouching controls absolutely redundant. It’s not even spacious enough to pick up people sprinting in the same room…

4.) New weapons - For the most part, I’m not a fan of the new weapons, maybe they’ll grow on me. I particularly hate what they’ve done with the standard shotgun. Now seems like more of a flak cannon.

5.] Battle Pass - Battle Pass progression is a hot topic at the moment and it does seem a bit off. It doesn’t matter if you win, lose, do well or crap, it’s a flat 50xp per game which is a simple repackaging of the paltry 100xp for 2 games we got a few days ago following community backlash.

6.] Customisation - Fair enough Microsoft wants to turn Halo into some sort of micro-transaction cash cow like practically every other games company these days but I think it could have been better designed. It’s like there’s more customisation options, or at least the potential for more customisation options - but less choice in how you equip those options now. For instance, you can’t wear a helmet from the epic core section with shoulder pads from the Rare core section and certain colour schemes are fixed to certain cores meaning I can’t wear Recon helmet from the Rare core with the cool looking metallic green armour coating we got recently from the free anniversary bundle. Not to mention the primary/ secondary choice colours have gone out the window entirely…