Halo Infinite: The present, the future and what needs to happen going forward

It’s been a week now and I think it’s safe to say the winter update has been a big success for the game. Seeing the huge outpour of forge maps and full custom lobbies brings a smile to my face, truly feels like Infinite finally has the Halo feel now. Infinite really needed this W it was pretty make or break in my opinion especially coming off of how bad season 2 was all around.

I won’t go into all the stuff this update and past updates have fixed or stuff we know is coming soon like red reticle for PC, new MP content or dsync fixes for example. Instead I will list only things that need to change or come to the game going forward in my opinion. If anyone has anything they want to add or feel differently about, please feel free to add them in the comments.

The important things

  • Full cross core
    Technically we know this is coming in the future but this is easily the most important thing right now overall and they really need to land full cross core with no gimmicks.

  • Complete coating system rework
    The next most important thing is almost certainly coatings. The coating system is bad and it’s an L for customization and player expression there’s no other way to put it. This is made even worse now by modders having shown how easy it is for them to make coatings and change the colors on coatings. Being able to change colors is all we really wanted to do in the first place anyways.

Let me be clear here, besides the inability to change the colors of the coatings I actually really like the coating system, that’s why I say it needs a rework and not to be scrapped. For those that aren’t aware the coating system is a lot more than just colors, coatings consist of and or change all of the following
-color patterns/designs/placement.
-armor material. Example: Clean and plasticky like Halo 5, or scratched up metal like Halo Reach.
-grime. So far we’ve only seen coatings that look dirty with bits of dirt or mud but they could easily have ones in the future that have blood like some of the weapon skins in Mcc or even bright blue/purple alien blood on them.

In my opinion all 343 needs to do is let us customize the colors on any given coating, keep everything else like the patterns/designs/placement of colors, armor material and grime all coating specific. That way it makes coatings still worth it and still a part of customization going forward with a ton of room to grow especially since some coatings are single color while others have 3+ colors, it’s just another layer of the system. Separate letting people choose the colors on a coating from everything else and it’s a good system.

  • Campaign Challenges
    Simple enough here, Infinite’s campaign is great and deserves love. Now with the ability to replay stuff in campaign having campaign challenges makes so much sense especially considering how well received campaign/PVE challenges are in Mcc. Use Mcc as a guide here and add it in, easy big W.

  • Ability to customize while searching
    This is probably at the top of my most annoying things about Infinite list right here. Anyone who’s played a lot of MP knows how frustrating it is to have to do any customization changes before searching for a match, especially so when you’re playing with a group of people because at the end of almost every match you’re going to have at least one person say “hold on I want to change something”. This limitation not only holds groups up but also makes searching for games incredibly boring because it leaves you with nothing to do. This is easily the thing I want to see changed the most.

  • Return of classic physics
    This almost entirely pertains to stuff like grenade jumping, hammer launching people and vehicles and things of that nature. One of the most noticeable things missing in Infinite is lack of classic physics like that. This is made worse by the fact that collision is off with teammates so you can’t just off each other’s heads anymore now either. I’m more or less okay with the lack of team collision in matchmaking now it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. However grenade jumps and the hammer launching/physics are very much missed and really should return for that true Halo sandbox feel.

  • Campaign DLC or a “new single player game”
    The campaign is almost a year old now, it’s time to start the conversation about either some campaign DLC for Infinite or a new single player campaign full release game. I know Infinite multiplayer is supposed to last 9 more years and that’s fine if it happens but I definitely don’t want to wait another 6 years until more Master Chief story like we did between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite, definitely don’t want to wait 9 years. Either give us campaign dlc or give us a new campaign only game release, I really doubt Infinite MP is going to be moved on from anytime soon. It’s time to start the conversation about what’s next. I know we’re probably at least another year away from any of this happening if not more but I hope by this time next year it’s at least being talked about or teased.

  • New big main modes
    Not talking about game modes like infection here, instead I’m talking about modes like Warzone (H5), firefight, Spartan ops, etc. Every game since H3 has added a new big mode, we know Certain Affinity is making a new ambitious mode and that’s awesome but again if Infinite is truly going to last 10 years it will need more than just that. Firefight would be the really easy go to mode here, especially if campaign AI really do get added into forge eventually. Just give people the tools to do it and they’ll make firefight.

The wish list / not as important things.

Going to keep this list brief and just list some of the wish list stuff that’s not as important as the earlier mentioned items but would be awesome to get.

  • Elite armor core

  • Customization for non UNSC weapons and vehicles
    similar to Mcc.

  • Region select
    Similar to Mcc.

  • Match composer
    Once enough modes are in the game that it’s necessary and once again similar to Mcc.

  • Ability to change location of certain HUD elements
    For example moving grenades to the top of the screen like in previous games.

  • Openness to future mod support
    I understand this is a risky ask considering Infinite is F2P and already has issues with cheaters as all F2P games do. But having mod support in the future similar to how Mcc does now would really go a long way, at very least for campaign.

  • The grand return of campaign split screen co-op
    I know as much as people want this feature that it would end up being the least used feature in the entire game and really isn’t as big of a priority as a lot of other things listed above, I get that. However if 343 can return to this one day and finish campaign split screen co-op, even if it’s for just 2 players, it would go a long way and really mean a lot to the fans to get this feature in. The lack of split screen campaign co-op plagued Halo 5 for the entirety of its life whenever it was brought up and a year later now it is still a hot topic for Infinite as well. Really hope to see this return one day.


The three most important issues that need fixing, in order, are:

1: Networking issues
2: Aim mechanics on both M&K and controller
3: The physics system

Everything related to cosmetics, and seasonality should fall behind these 3 priority issues.

I Completely agree. We need to have some closure on the Network Synch issues.

I’d also add allowing us to pick the Server / Data Center we want to play on too.