Halo Infinite Technical Preview Impressions

Hey Guys and Gals,

Hope you all are having a good week so far.

I was fortunate enough to receive an invite to the technical preview (PC) last weekend and I have to say it was such a relief to see that the game seems to be coming along nicely.

I’m sure there are a thousand of these kinds of posts right now but if you’re interested you can check out a brief list of my impressions below:

The Slipspace Engine is great so far. The gunplay and movement felt smooth which was very welcoming considering it was a just a preview. It has been neat seeing how creative the community got with the new equipment. It’s really giving me Battlefield vibes and I cant wait to see how BTB plays out on the new engine. The Slayer Bots had their derp moments but overall were fun to go up against and surprisingly crafty at times. Hopefully this carries over to single player AI being somewhat intelligent and challenging.

The new weapons were fun and felt unique… The VK78 Commando, which I’m assuming is the replacement to the DMR? was my go-to during the flight. The Assault rifle was solid and actually viable which is nice to finally see. I was disappointed in the BR though… Didn’t feel nearly as powerful as it has in the past, Maybe they’re trying to nerf BR meta.

The Banished weapons were neat and fun to use. A huge upgrade from any of the Forerunner weapons that they added in Halo 4 and 5 in my opinion. They fit well into the Halo universe in comparison. The Ravager was a blast to use and one of my favorite.

The way they handled the Power weapons on the maps along with the Power ups (Overshield, Cloaking) and Equipment (Grapple hook, Deployable Cover) felt somewhat balanced and not over the top or unfair, then again we will see how this plays out against players haha.

Speaking of maps… Out of the 3 maps Bazaar was my favorite. Did anyone else notice the chickens running around? Neat to see some wildlife roaming around on the MP maps.

There were some technical issues with the spartan customization menus not updating properly and some animations in game seemed to be unpolished. Specifically while reloading the Skewer, Seemed like the frame by frame was off but maybe that was just me. That being said those kind of things are to be expected in a preview. Regardless I’m really Looking forward to the final product, I’m hoping that this entry puts Halo back on top.

Did you get a chance to participate last weekend? What were some of your favorite things? Any issues or concerns with the engine or new approach? If you have any questions about the preview let me know.

Thanks for reading!