Halo Infinite: Tech Preview Review (impressions)

The game feels great.

Halo Infinite is the best feeling Halo game period. The movement feels incredibly familiar and most importantly, “halo-y.” It clearly draws inspiration from the trilogy while building off that foundation to create something unique. The refined mobility, in conjunction with the new equipment automatically shifts this game into an entirely new version of itself, and it manifests a plethora of opportunities shown to the player. The sandbox is back baby.

The Weapons Are Fantastic.

Every weapon FINALLY has some sort of utility now, I literally found myself using every weapon in the sandbox because they all just felt so fun. I definitely used some wayyy more than others (looking at you BR and Ravager). I even found myself donning the Plasma Pistol every now and then even though there’s one thing about it that I dislike, aside from its sound effects (it sounds great now, btw. Previous one was ridiculous). Precision rifles are super good. The Commando is a pretty tough gun to tame but once you get the hang of its recoil, the thing is an absolute beast on its own. But nothing’ll ever beat the BR. The BR in Halo Infinite is the best version of its kind, period. I don’t make the rules. The Ravager is a contender for S tier weapons. The AR is ridiculously good, maybe too good. S tier. I don’t want to review every single weapon because I want this post to be relatively brief, but all in all EVERY single weapon slaps on it’s own.

The vehicles.

Every vehicle is pretty swift and a treat to control. I think these may be my favorite versions of the classic vehicles yet. The Ghost is SUPER fun to use, and the Wasp i think is the highlight of the tech preview.

The atmosphere.

Man… the ambient sounds that occur when you’re traipsing around Behemoth or Fragmentation is oh so… impeccable. It just feels like you’re in the game when you hear them. The gunshots that sound off from every given weapon truly reverberates and creates a sense of genuine war between two factions. Its so damn good. Y’all remember the inside infinite about the audio team? Well, I think it’s safe to say that those dudes are not lying about how that game is going to sound from a campaign standpoint. The multiplayer already sounds completely immersive.


I wanna make an in depth post about everything I liked and disliked, but in general I am completely loving this game.

This game is infinitely more interesting than any other Halo, and I truly believe 343 has a magnum opus on their hands