From playing close to 24 hours of the flight here is my issues I had ran into using the following hardware on PC:
Nvidia 3090 Founders Card
Samsung G9 Monitor super ultrawide monitor

  • My super ultra wide monitor defaults have HUD UI too far on left and right, I adjusted this in the settings but as soon as it is adjusted so bottom HUD is closer to the center, it removes my reticle COMPLETELY. Luckily my monitor has a built in aim icon I can turn on but would rather not have that turned on if I can help it as the in game one is much cleaner. - Searching in teams would consistently not put us in the same game. (Server issues most likely already known) - Main menu should have friends roster easier to view similar to other Halo’s - Sad to not see any commendations such as personal or spartan companies. Having personal goals besides daily/weekly challenges would be great. - Have option to see all possible LOCKED cosmetics. May be in full released game but would be nice to see what is locked and description on HOW to get it even if most descriptions just say “SHOP” - Using both mouse and keyboard AND controller, it seems controller is still much easier to use. Maybe the game is limiting and punishing people from using mouse and keyboard so that they do not get complaints that “PC too strong” when really it feels the opposite. - Music and sound effects along with that FINAL headshot is so satisfying. - Can’t wait to have access or have the green highlight for friend teammates along with their service tag or name above their name so I can figure out where my friends are on the map easier.

for me on xbox one X the game had FPS loss and was slowed down.