Halo Infinite Tech Preview - Earning XP

During the whole flight, the only way one could get XP after the match was through completing the challenges, however when you complete all the weekly and daily challenges, then you’ve got nothing to help you earn XP points after the match. I’m hoping that down the road, the XP system will be improved by having the players earn XP based on their performance in the game, but challenges still being a more interesting and helpful way to earn them.

I agree, I wonder if there’s going to be a leveling system too like SR152 or if we are just battle passing now. I found it kind of slow to level up the pass ( I didn’t spend my credits there bc I wanted to get a feel for the battle pass ) and it could definitely use a boost in how we accrue XP. The challenges weren’t enough

agree, it was kind weird that we didnt get xp from each match, at least they could increase the ammount of xp per challenge, or even the number of daily/ weekly challenges

The Halo Infinite battlepass clearly draws inspiration from Halo MCC - with challenges earning you rewards in the battlepass.

The thing is with MCC at least once you’ve done the challenges you still have something else to work towards by playing matches and levelling up.

Halo Infinite’s lack of a actual player levelling system makes the progression feel a bit hollow in my opinion. The challenges weren’t exactly hard to do - which is good because it keeps them accessible to everyone.
BUT that does mean that players like myself who can get them done fairly quickly are then basically capped for XP progression until the the daily or weekly challenges come out.

So during my playtime outside of challenges we’re not rewarded for our time playing. Sure playing for fun is great and all but having nothing to show for my time invested does feel like a bit of a cop out to me.
Even just adding a levelling system would be fine for me, something that I can put my time towards and have something to resemble my efforts.

Id love for post match XP to count towards the battlepass too. Catching up on older seasons would be quite hard if you’re only able to earn X amount of XP per day or week, especially without boosters to compensate.
I definitely feel like there needs to be some slight revisions on that progression system as it stands right now.