Halo Infinite tech demo thoughts

After playing the halo Infinite tech demo preview I have a few thoughts:

The good:
Gunplay is pretty good although certain weapons seem a bit useless (plasma pistol and plasma rifle) and they could use a little buff. Aside from the rubber banding the netcode seems pretty solid. Sprinting is tuned pretty well. The bots are not bad either (they do seem to struggle on pillars or odd geometry. Voice chat seems to work perfectly which is a breath of fresh air compared to acti-blizzard games that have large issues. Customization seems really good so far.

The bad or meh:
Multiple bots seem to gang up on players from extreme range (especially on recharge) and the only real escape is to hope the bots attention is hooked on another player. The pistol I feel needs an extremely slight damage buff. Sliding seems kinda useless granting a meager and or nonexistent speed buff and locks player direction just to shift hurtbox down (I feel it could use a tiny speed buff). Weapons on wall seem to not stick out to me during gameplay leading me to aimlessly look for weapons the whole match (maybe I am just bad at finding stuff) I feel they could stick out a bit more. While the grapple is cool the number of uses you have with a fresh pickup is low to the point where its hard to experiment with it and I feel discouraged wasting it trying new things (this will probably be a non issue in the final due to custom games but I feel its important to bring up anyhow). Sound mixing is a little weird and voices can sometimes be really loud compared to everything else. Player movement speed could benefit from a slight increase but that just might be my inner quake leaking.

The Awful: PC performance is god awful. I could understand if optimization is turned off for debugging purposes but I have never seen a game run this bad at 720p minimum settings on a 2080ti and 5900x. The lack of an exclusive fullscreen calls back to early MCC PC and is essential for a good framepacing experience unless Microsoft fixes windowed modes in windows 11 (which is doubtful).

Overall this game is really good so far and with some polish it could be my goty when it comes out. I am exited to see what this will eventually grow into a finished product. Exited for crazy ctf matches. Just don’t forget us pc players.

Hope it runs well on PC too.

i does but the game still needs a lot more work if you go to halo Waypoint there are a lot of people on the feed complaining about how the aiming sensitivity feels nothing like a halo game the games of pvp I got to experience nobody used the pistol the The commando they just used The AR and nads and melee kill you because nobody could use the other weapons because the aim sensitive it really bad when you joined a game in progress all you could hear was announcer you can hear no footsteps or nothing that needs to be worked on

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> Hope it runs well on PC too.

They say it runs better on there at least the aiming sensitive I seen Somebody do a review of a Mouse and keyboard and then a controller he said mouse and keyboard feels a lot better because the aim sensitivity because controller Needs to be worked on people can use weapons commando the pistol sniper Harley all they use is the A.R. the melee you and nads city