Halo Infinite Tech Beta for Xbox Series X

Launching ODST Bot Slayer was quick and easy. ODST Bot Slayer was a challenging and competitive experience. The bots performed aggressively which challenged players and had ultimately put up a fight. ODST Bot Slayer offers players an experience to effectively prepare for online matchmaking. The only issue in-game was sudden audio drops after each death. Once I re-spawn, I could not hear weapon fire, grenade tosses, or hit detection audio. The only detectable audio was voice volume, which lasted till the game had ended. ODST Bot Slayer had showcased a smoother performance all around as opposed to the Academy Weapon Drills.

Launching Academy Weapon Drills was quick and easy, although the drills in-game had performed jumpy and janky when walking around the play area.

Swapping challenges and swapping weapon and armor coating, was an easy task. However, I had came across errors when attempting to purchase singular armor coating with in-game credits and I was only able to purchase coatings as a bundle.

The only issue I had when navigating through the menus at the Home Screen was when attempting to view the ODST Bot Slayer Map and Mode Details.
The Battle Pass showcased the rewards with no issue when navigating through the tier system and when clicking on each reward. I had also found that optimizing settings to one’s personal preference was an easy task when at the Home Screen and in-game.