Halo Infinite SWAT playlist needs updated!

8 second respawns is terrible in Halo Infinite SWAT (tactical slayer) and needs to be turned down to 5 seconds or 3 seconds. It takes too long to get back into battle after dying to a 1 shot burst to the head. SWAT plays slow and boring because of it. They should also remove Behemoth and Launch Site from the SWAT playlist; they’re too big, slow and boring. They need to add some new maps that are small and fun to play on for SWAT. What’s going on 343? You should know this by now. SWAT has been apart of Halo for 14 years.

Also, they need to add Region filters for Halo Infinite matchmaking to pick from to play on decent ping for SWAT. I play on 120ms, 170ms, 215ms ping servers way too often. I get aim-botters and wall-hackers a lot in SWAT too.

Halo Infinite SWAT is not as fun as SWAT used to be in the old Halos because of these problems. Please fix them as soon as possible. I don’t want to be forced to play another game because you’re not taking care of your community.


Dude swat games take like 7-8 minutes on average. Wtf are you talking about lol

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This SWAT feels like SWAT to me…sounds like a personal preference issue.

You leave SWAT alone.


Exactly, SWAT games usually last 3-5 minutes in previous Halo games. It’s a lot slower and unnecessary on Halo Infinite. I’ve been a regular SWAT Player since 2010, it definitely needs changes.

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Doesn’t feel like SWAT with a 8 second respawn timer. Those 2 big maps Behemoth and Launch Site gotta go. Other than that, it’s solid.

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I love SWAT. Halo Infinite SWAT needs changes in my opinion. Doesn’t feel right currently.

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I hadnt even noticed the long respawn timer because its just a constant across the whole game. But now that you mention it, it’ll be like you just told me to start thinking about my blinking…. i dont think I’ll be able to ignore it on swat lol.

I’m right there with you about behemoth. People just sit on a corner of the map and cross map the whole game away. The spawning on launch site is just purely horrendous.

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This is 100% correct, The respawns are killing “tactical slayer” 5 second even 3 seconds respawns would be preferred.

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How else we gonna get them multikills.

Do we have any clues yet why they changed the name of SWAT? Any idea when they’ll be changing it back to what it should have been called in the first place, SWAT?

See this post: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/tin-foil-hat-time-for-tactical-slayer/472661/9

What’s interesting to me is that I usually did not really like SWAT in older titles. But in Infinite, I think it’s great. Apologies for not being a “SWAT purist” lol

Doesn’t make any sense. Of course SWAT is reminiscent of the real world thing. That’s the point. If SWAT teams werent called SWAT teams then Halo would have no reason to call it SWAT. How is tactical slayer any different? Don’t the police and army use tactics?

I would prefer low RPM semi-auto weapons and less open maps for SWAT, but other than that, I think Halo Infinite’s SWAT mode is fine. Respawns are per the norm.

Honestly I just want them to fix their trash netcode that makes swat in Infinite feel laggier than off-host OG halo 3 swat.

I think what they need to fix is the hackers in swat and the desyncing