Halo Infinite Suggestion

Hello people,

I have a suggestion for Halo Infinite. I would love to see Bots in this game. The type of bots you see in Far Cry. I love playing around with forge and Halo 5: Guardians made me love forge even more because of the huge selection of things they give you. I would love to add NPC’s like in Far Cry for example, an Elite or a Spartan, a Flood form (if it is in the game of course), Grunts and Jackals. You know? Just add NPC’s to your map so you can have fun creating NPC battles or just Killing a bunch of spartans and Elites. This is a thing that I have been asking since Halo 4. I hope 343i sees this and one day implement that to a game because that would be awesome to see in forge mode!

Have a nice day everyone reading this,

I agree, especially in forge. I think this is already a major possibility though and would not be suprised if this was already in developement. I believe that the creation of this new engine will see more creativity by the community creating scenarios (basically extra campaigns and missions) similar to that when Bungie first created forge in Marathon: Infinity. Bungie was very enthusiastic with the creation of scenarios and mods for their games. I recommend that you check out what the community was making at the time at this link: Scenarios for Aleph One - Marathon Open Source

I think it’s a great idea.

With H5’s current AI, I can see them allowing you to place enemies anywhere you want in Forge, since that’s essentially what they did in Warzone Firefight.

A mechanic I feel would be necessary for custom campaigns would be scripts for where the enemies go. You could customize whether enemies in a certain area chase you wherever you go, hold a position, fall back like at the start of the Sword Base mission in Reach, or run from point A to point B without stopping to fight until they reach their destination. It would really make the system seem very realistic and professional if used correctly.