Halo Infinite stuck in transitioning

Since Infinite’s launch back in November I haven’t been able to play the online multiplayer. Every time without fail the game starts up and says “transitioning” in the top right corner. It either does this indefinitely or eventually tells me I’m offline. I’ve tried a myriad of things, from reinstalling the game to resetting my router. Something worth noting is I’m an American living in mainland China and even the local Chinese people can play Infinite without any issues. Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix this? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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It happens to me on my XSX.

Everyone I start up it falls to go online. I have to select the game from the home screen and quit. Then restart the game.

I think it’s a problem with quick resume


Ah I see. What do you mean by “quick resume” though? That might be an Xbox specific thing unless I’m misunderstanding.

Yep. Sorry. Series S. Quick resume between cached games.

Gotcha, well I can’t figure out what it might be then since all of my friends can play except me. Maybe an issue with their servers if you’re having similar issues?

I have been stuck offline also. I finished the campaign and have not gotten any achievements. It is like I have no connection. No multiplayer, no training drills, nothing but campaign.

Same story here. I was able to buy and play the campaign. I can go back to the MCC and play online there no problem. But Infinite refuses to connect. I think the only difference is that I was able to do the training drills and get achievements.

Im having the same issue its kinda annoying

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Still having the same problem. Are they ever gonna do something about it? Never had this happen to me in previous halo games.

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Sorry to hear that. I just checked the other day and still nothing on my end. This is also my first time experiencing this, I can play the MCC and other games with no issues.