Halo Infinite story is TERRIBLE

Ok so I think Halo Infinites story is one of the BIGGEST letdowns of the game. It has so much potential and they screwed up the story. So so soooo many plot holes. Zero explanations. Constant contradictions. It’s bad. And annoying. So here’s my take on what the story should have started:

The Infinity is cruising over Zeta Halo. Inside on the Captains deck sits Lasky and to his right stands Spartan Palmer. Captain Lasky stares below at Zeta Halo, captivated by its unnatural beauty. Palmer is tense as usual. Palmer interrupts Lasky’s view of Zeta Halo. “Captain, we’ve received info from the Recon Team, Cortana’s Guardian is on approach. I suggest we move fast.” Lasky looks up at her,” Acknowledged.” He responds curtly. The back door to the Deck slid open. Spartan Griffin, along with Spartan Mackovich, Sorel, and Spartan Stone. “Sir we are ready to mov-“ The Infinity jerked to the side, Lasky ran to the Deck window to see a large ball of fire erupt along the Infinity’s Hull. “What the-“ Lasky’s eyes widened. Another explosion erupted from the other side of the Hull now and the whole Deck jerked right. Lasky stumbled over, but Palmer caught him before he could hit the ground. Lasky jumped up and began shouting orders at the shocked crew,” I want all all repair squads to move to the Hull! Find out what’s happen-“ He was cut short as a Giant Warship almost the size of the Infinity came into view. Lasky turned to the window, shocked. This time Palmer spoke,” Griffin! Get the Captain out of here!” Griffin ran over to Lasky and pushed him away from the window. An officer ripped out transmitter and yelled,” Mayday Mayday! We are under attack! All fireteams Alpha through Sierra report to the Hull. I repeat we are under attack!”. Down in the barracks, Chief had heard what was happening. He jogged through the halls and made his way to the armory. Inside he found a Sidekick and MA40 assault rifle. He began herding out all the crew and Marines. As he was rushing through the halls, an explosion filled the area, and a large blood red pod ripped its way into the hall. Immediately Chief knew it was the Banished. The door to the pod opened and out came brutes and grunts. Master Chief began tearing through them. He made his way down to the vehicle bay and tore through more waves of Banished. Then he saw that on the other end of the bay a phantom landed inside. He didn’t have time to see who came out. He expected more brutes. He tore through more waves of Banished. Then he was blown forward from behind by Atriox. Enter-rest of cutscene.


Was that it, is that “The end”

As a wise man once said “Thats all I got-”

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I found the story to be a let down also i think terrible is a bit hyperbolic but it didn’t succeed in any of its goals for me and just further muddied the lore waters and continuity I hope they can fix this IN GAME and use dlc to flesh out and add context and depth/pay offs Iver time.
Even just add so.e VO with didact stuff and John worried for blue team halsey lasky roland and others and mention requiem/guardians and other events the narrative is both a poor on boarding experience to the jniverse and continuation of ongoing plots. In my opinion at least and the whole atriox implementation felt bizarre.


Sorry I had to finish. I accidentally screwed it up

I wouldnt say “terrible”. It was not the best halo story so far, but i liked it. It was indeed a little to short. Most time of a playthrough consists of conquer the FOB, search for collectables, help the marine groups.
Main story itself is very short. Few points remains open.
Just hope that we get some good campaign DLC


Just wait until they try to sell you the other 2/3 of the game they cut out. Can’t wait to see how they mess that up.


Oh boy 60 bucks per. I’m gonna love that [s]

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Overall, the experience of the campaign was good, but it’s definitely overrated at the moment.
Obviously the battle is fun, but the plot is broken, and we feel the cuts and the rush all the time.
The best experience I had was in the first two hours of the game, which was similar to the Ubisoft game.
As for the plot, I think there’s really nothing to say, nothing to praise and nothing to scold, because he didn’t say anything at all.
It ended when we felt the story was coming to a climax, and then we learned that it was only a matter of a few days, and that the story of the game was equivalent to the prologue.
After 343 made a catastrophic demo and postponed it for a year, I can understand why the campaign was made like this, just because the story of the halo5 campaign is so disgusting that everyone is very tolerant of the infinite campaign.
Although 343 has attributed the failure of halo5 to art unpacking or modernization as some people in the forum said, 343 clearly knows that the real reason is their false propaganda on the plot of halo5,and the change of the leading role angered most of the fans, and the early stage of the plot was also boring.
So in Infinity, we get a plot that is close to nothing, but the main character is the Master Chief, which is fun to play, It’s better for most people.

But to be honest, I don’t think it’s worth the $60 price tag.
I’m sorry if you bought it at full price.