Halo infinite still needs a lot of polishing

I was in btb and most of the players got kicked 3 guys on my team and 1 on the enemy team 20 players got kicked from a sing match

Some important takeaways from a few weeks of gameplay. Devs please read:

A ranked placement match populated a 3 vs 4 territories match (no one backed out). An unbalanced match should never be permitted in a ranked game mode. If a player leaves mid game it should negate penalties for those on the affected team. I don’t think this is a bug, I think it is an oversight.

In big team battle and other social game modes, the standard map weapons have randomized spawn. While I can appreciate the attempt here, it has flaws. One example, All the BRs spawned on one team’s half of the map in a CTF match. The less desirable weapons were on our side. It created an imbalance in gameplay. Again this is an oversight, not a bug.

The double XP timer could be improved by only timing in game. As of 11/27 it times continuously when not in a match (sometimes the connections to a successful match take several tries and can take significant time especially when partied up with people.

The post game stats. I know you know this already, but the post game stats are TRASH. Simply reverting to what was done in previous titles would be a massive improvement. Let us see KD and all the stats for everyone on the board, not the crappy way you click on each player to see some stats. Why show objective stats after a slayer match? Just revert and start over if you ask me. If it ain’t broke…

I went searching for my career KDR and literally can not find it anywhere. Not even digging into my profile did I find any career stats. This is a game revolved around killing and match performance. The halo franchise should not be molested by hiding the things that make it great. If your intention is to make a game that feels inclusive for all the pronoun identifiers out there, great! But do it with a new game. Don’t destroy a title that launched the Xbox, that has 20 years of being good at what it is. We will love you for it.

The shotgun is also trash, but you know this. The shotgun was a gun to counter balance the sword. The sword is still one hit kill. Why is the shotgun nerfed to be just another average weapon that can’t even kill point blank?

Speaking of weapons, what’s with the 20 something new weapons that mostly feel like filler. It really shows in your fiesta event where game after game you can go without starting with any power weapons to speak of. Fiesta has really lost the edge of your seat thrill of titles past.

MAPS. Did this game launch with 8 maps? After, what, 6 years in development? Hopefully you have a plan to double the amount of small and large maps by Christmas if you want to hold the attention of your player base. I would not plan to sit back on your laurels for this item or concern. Continual map additions goes a very long way.

No social game modes start with a BR. Seriously? Is this real life?

Does your friend have to have the Xbox app to properly see them online and invite them in game. It seems friends on steam and the like are not showing online if they do not use the Xbox app and are active friends through it. This area needs more clarity and attention to the cross platform nature of your product.

Lastly, connection loss. When you or your party fail to connect to a match, no less than 4 error messages pop up, one slowly after the next, before you can queue up again. This is unnecessary and time consuming. It occurs a half dozen times per average gaming session.

Ultimately, while Infinite is a great game, there is no way around it feeling like it is going to remain stuck in beta for quite some time. Simply saying it is released on December 8th is not what I’m talking about. The depth and polish feel very far off that games of old used to have on day 1 (though modern games admittedly use the release as beta cash grab model which I think is scummy).

Some pros? The warthog HMG is more fun and easier to use IMO. There are more weapons available to counter vehicles than in previous titles. The maps and new to halo additions like grapple shot, etc make for an adapted, dynamic gameplay. There’s plenty more to rave about, especially because the gameplay itself is pretty bug free. But this is a suggested improvement thread and I’ve already written enough for one post.

Thanks and keep up the hard work.

P.S. - I suggest your younger Devs play previous titles a bit more if there is a disconnect there. Just a hunch I have. Cheers!

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