Halo Infinite starts and closes unexpectedly

I downloaded Halo Infinite for steam, and when I launch it, the game closes. Going to the errors folder, it gives me the following information:

project=“SHIVA” application=“game” configuration=“release” platform=“PC” build_string=“6.10020.12700.0” build_date=“Sep 6 2021” build_time=“00:01:00”


halt information:
Module ‘deploy\any\globals\common-rtx-new.module’ failed to load. Read error at file offset: 0x0 (err: 000003E5)
thread information:
thread_name: BG 00 WORKER, thread_id: 5052
00007FF7479953E7 HaloInfinite!0x00007FF7479953E7
00007FF747991CFB HaloInfinite!0x00007FF747991CFB
00007FF74799A6D3 HaloInfinite!0x00007FF74799A6D3
00007FF74719703F HaloInfinite!0x00007FF74719703F
00007FF74719062B HaloInfinite!0x00007FF74719062B
00007FF747190721 HaloInfinite!0x00007FF747190721
00007FF747190DF6 HaloInfinite!0x00007FF747190DF6
00007FF7471900C8 HaloInfinite!0x00007FF7471900C8
00007FF74719051F HaloInfinite!0x00007FF74719051F
00007FFE6D277034 KERNEL32!0x00007FFE6D277034
00007FFE6E3A2651 ntdll!0x00007FFE6E3A2651
<== End of stack ==>
session_id: Fri_09242021_224335@PC@9EA046B1798B296C@B5A9528D77EEF59F
MP life-cycle state: current state: ClientSetup, status: “”, previous state: NONE
MP session:
map: loading levels\ui\mainmenu\mainmenu
SYSTEM_OS_VERSION: 10.0.19041.1151
crash_runtime: native
system_milliseconds: time 5934148
timezone_seconds_offset_from_UTC: 10800
GameEngineIsMultiThreaded: yes
Threading Model: Threads: 4, affinity disabled
MachineName: Desktop-LucasDC
SystemMachineName: B5A9528D77EEF59F
OOM: no
System Memory: 38% physical memory in use, 10072/16323 Mb physical available, 8585/18755 Mb page file available
Process Memory: working set using 929 Mb, 18658/19588 Mb available
Process Id: 7220
Saved Film GUID:
datamine: Disabled
Telemetry Session ID: b2679620-ecad-47cf-bf6e-d4f82fcfc41b
Session Tag:
GameVariant: <none>
MapVariant: <unknown>
SessionID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
LobbyID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
GSI Set ID Override:
GSI Set Name Override:
Location Override:
Memory Counters: Disabled
Memory Allocations: Disabled
Memory Lifetime Counts: Disabled
GPU Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
GPU Driver:
GPU Memory: in use: 269 Mb, budget: 5284 Mb, total: 6052 Mb
GPU Shared Memory: in use: 60 Mb, budget: 7497 Mb, total: 8161 Mb
TDR Breadcrumbs: Enabled
GPU Hung: no
PLM seconds RunningState Not Set ResourceState Not Set: 4.70

Idk how to fix it…

I’ve been having the same issue! It would load up, go to a black screen with a white loading circle, then just crash after two seconds, I’ve been trying to fix this for the past three hours if someone has a fix please for the love of God tell me.