Halo Infinite Split Screen Annoying Lighting Bug


I have been playing split screen multiplayer online with 3 people and sometimes 4 people on the xbox series s. Everytime we play, we are playing on 60 hz and the lighting in the game changes to the point that it is very distracting. When our players move around on any map, it looks like master chief has a flash light on in the dark. We have played on 65” samsung tv with gaming mode and lowered all of the extra sound/effects to reduce lag.

Have you experienced this before and is there a way to fix this issue? We enjoy playing split screen on halo infinite but unfortunately this bug is distracting and disappointing. This does not occur during 2 person split screen, only 3 or 4.

When I play split screen my screen has baked lighting, but the second player and I assume the third and fourth player lighting in-game is not baked. It’s very distracting. And is also a cheat for maps that are dark. For my friend, its day and he can see clearly, while everyone else cant.