Halo Infinite Spartans Look Boring

343 said that they took out color options to make the coating system in order to make our Spartans look more detailed and custom. But look at this comparison. I wanted to make a cool wallpaper for my PC where both of my Spartans from Halo 5 and Halo infinite in the same room. Take a look at your own Spartans and tell me which one looks like it has more TLC put into the design. The difference is almost embarrassing.

(I was supposed to have a picture of the wallpaper here, but I can’t because it’s saying I can’t embed anything, and I can’t post a link either! :()

My Halo 5 spartan is way better looking. He is in Black and Blue just like I want with beautiful white detailing, his armor is slightly scuffed up but mostly polished, and his armor most definitely makes it look like the designers took their time designing it with love, care, and EFFORT.

They really need to just start throwing out a ton of coatings with every kind of possible color combination and maybe add patterns and stuff. And not every coating needs dirt on it! Some detailing like that is nice, but players should have the choice of having weathered armor, a nice clean polish, or a mix of both. Thoughts everyone?

  • Halo 5 had better armor color DESIGNS
  • Halo Infinite had better armor color DESIGNS

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If I want to be teal & blue like my Halo 3 Spartan back in the day I’d have to hope that 343i makes a coating of a similar resemblence AND THEN I have to worry about how much they’ll charge me for it

Coatings are terrible & they shouldn’t exist in their current rendition

I wouldn’t exactly put Halo 5 in a higher regard when it comes to customization either considering a majority of the armor selections barely had defined areas for a secondary colour to show.

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5 had the worst armor system since the original
launch of H2. Only being able to choose a helmet and then a whole set of armor was terrible. Infinite has a great system for customization but how you unlock the armor is terrible.

Most armor should be unlocked through specific challenges like it was in Halo 3 then some can be bought with credits earned through gameplay like in Reach. I really hate that all progress is tied to a pass or bought as all it shows is who can either spend the most time or money in the game.

Armors like Recon from H3 and Helioskrill in H5 allowed people to show off their skill through armor and i wish we could get some sets like that in Infinite.

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