Halo Infinite Soundtrack Release?

Hi all. Haven’t posted since the Halo 3 days and loving the new site!

My question is around Halo Infinite’s Soundtrack; followed very closely after the story / lore, the thing I love most about Halo is the Soundtrack! However, I cannot see Halo Infinite’s Soundtrack listed for sale anywhere (I am based in the UK if that makes a difference). As far as I can remember, prior to every Halo release, I have always had the Soundtrack pre-ordered by this point and it would release the same time as the game. The fact I can’t even find a mention of a Soundtrack release is worrying me. Does anybody have any news or clarification?


Sometimes OSTs can go through a lot of editing before they actually release. It’s likely that this time, Infinites soundtrack is just releasing a few months later than usual.

Don’t worry too much , Halo soundtracks are too famous for them not to release it. I’m certain it will come out eventually.


Would really love this soundtrack on vinyl, hopefully will get some news on physical soundtrack, with this being the biggest halo game in years, it’s not if, but when the soundtrack is released


That’s a good point, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I can’t wait!

Same here, a CD for the car and a vinyl to use at home! XD

I still listen the the Limited Edition Remix Vinyl that came with the special edition of the Halo 4 soundtrack. The dual artwork of Chief on one side and Cortana on the other is gorgeous!

There’s already 3 track album you can find titled "Set a Fire in Your Heart (Original Music from Halo Infinite).

I imagine after release a full OST will be released. I look forward to adding it to my big Halo playlist!


Same here, man. If what we have heard is anything to go by, we are in for a real treat.

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I think the reason for no official soundtrack release has to do with how well 343 have kept things under wraps, to of announced soundtrack and trackless already would of given spoilers.
No doubt when game releases it will come

Through The Trees intensifies

I know there are some songs on Spotify but I do not believe the full soundtrack is available at the moment.

If I’m not mistaken, I’m pretty sure Halo 5’s soundtrack didn’t come out until around a month after the game’s release. Whereas I think I remember Halo 4’s soundtrack came out maybe a week or two before release? Like @Sir_Cool_One said, soundtracks can go through a lot of editing and even then with release and distribution, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that the average listener may not be aware of. The right people need to be credited in the right places, file formatting requirements have to be met, contracts need to be signed, etc.

It’s the same with movies and tv shows. Sometimes soundtracks won’t be available for even up to a year after the initial release of the original media. It all just depends on the different people working on the project, and what kind of distribution paths they’ve selected. Ever wonder why a song gets taken off of Spotify? Usually it’s because of some sort of violation in a contract or requirement that went unnoticed for years, sometimes over a decade even. That’s why you have to be thorough, if one thing goes wrong it can result in audio being delisted.

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The full soundtracks are on youtube now. 2 hours 29 minutes. Listened to the whole thing at work, some of it made me tear up. It certainly needs a vinyl release, and please… please anyone reading at 343… No limited release like CE and 2. Just release it in mass. It will SELL. So many people want CE and 2 and cant get them, or pay $500 for a used one.

There is a listing for both the campaign and multiplayer soundtracks on iTunes for release on 8 December. But I would much rather get a physical CD. I have all of them up to this point, and don’t want to miss out!

Hello all.
Mondo Will be releasing the soundtrack in a 2x 180g vinyl december 8th. Good luck getting one though considering the posters sold out faster than a series x.

Hi all, thanks for the replies. Since my last visit, two soundtracks (one for multiplayer, one for campaign) have indeed released on streaming platforms. However, I was really hoping for a CD release. I spend a lot of time in my car, which is subsequently the only “quiet” time I have to listen to music, and it only has a CD player :weary:

If anyone does get any info on a CD release (UK in particular), could you please post here?

I hope they include the 8 bit versions of the songs