Halo Infinite sound design/quality

Union Log:

An old aged spartan who has played since the beginning has stretched its legs once more to say this:

I have loved the series, 343, you did a good job eventually taking over from bungie…

I find myself ready and able to play this franchise confidently. With infinite, you have something special. However… Your sound needs work. Gun shots, footsteps, landing sounds (falling from a high surface) need to be, lets say, heavily updated and tuned. Most of the time I loose complete immersion as the gun shots hit me when the sound is pale in comparison to my own footsteps. I am unable to accurately detect where I am getting shot from or even have an idea where the enemy is around me unless I am standing dead still. Even with High Quality headphones!

I sincerely hope you take this feedback and act on it. I want to join back in this fight.

Make it so…