Halo Infinite Sign in issue

I don’t know if its just me but everywhere I look no one is having this issue and i’ve been dying to play, i didn’t get invited last week, or last month prior. didn’t even think id get into this one, but luckily I did. Been waiting all this time and finally i’m ready to play and i launch the game and this is where the problem begins.

When you first launch the game it requests you to sign in into your account, I procced to then type my info to sign in, it then says press enter to get in, but I do that and it again requests to type in my info, I do it again this time making sure there’s no typo… does it again. I try at least 4-5 more times and nothing still in the menu not signed in. I ask my friend to try his game and i ask him if its working and he’s in a match with bots playing no issues.

I start to look everywhere online and no one is running into the same issue. I don’t know what’s going on with my game.