Halo infinite shouldn’t have been made for PC

I would like to begin by saying some games cross play support between PC and Console are amazing. Destiny 2 for instance…It’s hard to tell who is using a PC or a Console.
The skill ceiling on Halo infinite for anyone using a PC with a controller will be higher than an Xbox series X player. The bad thing about that is I can remember watching the pro circuit growing up and everyone competed on console. It leveled the playing field tremendously. No one was getting over 200fps and less input lag back then like on PC…everyone was capped at 30 fps. Fast forward to Halo today. If you are even semi competitive at the game you might as well by a PC because the Xbox Series X won’t cut it when your playing against those players. If your a good Xbox player you can win sometimes but it’s a lot harder to stay consistent. I don’t know if the game just isn’t optimized for consoles as well as PC’s but geez this is the most uneven Halo experience I’ve ever played from a competitive standpoint. I can’t help but wonder if I’m the only console player that feels this way. It seems like the Xbox Halo community is being dusted for a PC community that isn’t even viable for the game to stay alive if you just go off of how many players play the game on steam. Anyways my rant is over. Feel free to roast me because I don’t have a $3000 PC. If you like having your chips staked higher than at the casino then play Halo infinite on PC with a controller.


I agree. I can’t even do PvP. They can make games for PC, but forced cross play needs to go. I have just accepted that there are weekly challenge items I can’t have.


I know very little about gaming PCs and all the technical stuff that goes into lag input and frames per second but I am curious if anyone has any knowledge or breakdown if there are significant advantages when it comes to that stuff. When I decided to get back into gaming I purchased a Series X because it seemed like the best bang for the buck and was at the limit of what I wanted to spend for this hobby, I was not willing to drop over 1K for a designated gaming PC. That being said, with my console hooked up to the tv (older tv) I have I am stuck at 60fps, I know I could buy a gaming monitor to get up to 120fps but honestly I just don’t feel like spending the money right now. But I am curious if I am indeed at a significant disadvantage when Im playing at 60fps and others are say at 120 or 200+fps? Just curious if someone more technical minded has any input.


You are at a disadvantage if someone gets 60-100+ more frames per second than you do. You are at a disadvantage if they’re input lag per button selected is 0.5ms faster than your button click. In layman’s terms if we were all playing baseball using wooden bats and a few select players got to swing with aluminum bats, who would have more home runs?


For me it’s the Field of View (fov) that’s created this tremendous change in the comp field. I’m not a fan of it in anyway. Fov should be the same for everyone.


The SBMM in social playlists sure doesn’t help players get challenges done. Social feels like ranked. Just like it did on Halo 5. It’s because they are using the same matchmaking csr/mmr system Halo 5 used.


I understand where you’re coming from on certain gimmicks like that should be locked across the board. Speaking of gimmicks like FOV settings. This is the first Halo game I’ve had to change my movement settings so my strafe would be faster. So broken IMO


If you’re trying to become a professional Halo player then things like input lag and FPS matter. If you’re just trying to have fun why are these things important? You can compete just fine against casual players cross platform without issue whether you’re on Xbox or PC.


I see a lot of comments about pc players. Infinite has around 5,000 players on Steam pretty consistently. Maybe there’s a lot more that downloaded from the Microsoft store but Steam is the primary place for most PC players, My point is that the game is dead on PC and I’d bet that half the PC players that remain have the issues I have. I have a PC that runs MCC and pretty much any other game flawlessly. Infinite feels like my controller has mud caked in it. The game plays terribly. No doubt there are a few PC players who win the daily server lottery and have a PC that happens to be optimized well, but as a percentage of total player count I can’t see where PC players have an advantage at all. Most of us are handicapped by the game, not given an advantage.


If you are talking about mouse and keyboard, then controller has the advantage because mnk input isn’t great and the hit detection is awful. Granted controllers in infinite don’t feel as good as in previous games due 343 to messing with the aim assist, but it’s still a huge advantage over mouse and keyboard given how bad mnk is right now

If you are talking about controller, pretty positive controller on pc has its aim assist turned down

All in all this sounds like a skill issue to me more than anything. This topic comes up in every cross-platform game and it’s always a skill issue, not a game issue

Yes and no.

Controller on both PC and Xbox perform the same, exactly the same. So there is no advantage there from either platform. You can ague that controller may have a slight advantage on console because of it’s red reticle, though.

I think by now we all know the advantage controller has over KBM.

PC’s can/may have an advantage when it comes to framerate and/or frame time. I recently built a new PC and I can get Infinite touching 500fps, but this also draws in the “placebo effect”.

There is one thing that applies for both platforms…tick rate.

It was confirmed by 343 back in February I believe, they use 60 Hz tick rate for 4v4 and 30 Hz for BTB. Not sure if this was a typo on 343’s end, but doesn’t make sense to me either using 30 Hz for BTB but that is what they confirmed.

What does this mean? It doesn’t matter if you’re running console at 60fps-120fps or PC at 600fps, all information is being trafficked pier to pier, regardless of hardware, at the same rate.


Just wondered if playing with a wired controller vs a wireless controller still made a difference or was that a 2007 (H2/H3) problem?

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Yea I mean most of those pc players left anyway. Some have stayed on steam and an unknown amount on the xbox app. Would be nice to just turn off crossplay, allow kb+m to get aim assist or whatever they think they need to compete, 343 could fix the crashing ideally on PC, then they can come back.

And yea the performance difference - makes a huge difference. We already had different ping per server - remember host advantage in h2/3? FOV does matter, having more info on your screen matters. Now we have fps advantage and as someone who has played on the original xbox one, series x, potato pc, and a great pc, it’ makes a monumental difference. Wish I could get over 200 fps like some do now. You don’t need to be competitive for this to matter either, had a friend over and had him try out my series x. Yea he was playing great on my account, he’s normally mid gold. Yea he bought a series x and immediately jumped up - as from 30 to 120 is also a huge jump, really even 30 to 60 is a huge jump. It’s literally not fair for the original xbox one users, you guys are just fodder basically for the rest of us.

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Somewhat related, can you elaborate on what performance issues you’re having on PC?

I play on console but my father plays on PC, and he’s telling me he’s been having an issue since the Winter Update where every so often, but regular enough to be annoying, the screen freezes for a split second while he’s moving his mouse.

I have yet to see the issue in-person, but I’m trying to troubleshoot for him and thus far all my attempts have seemingly failed to resolve his issue.

I’ve reduced resolution, turned off V-Sync, Async compute, set min frame rate to 60 and 30, max frame rate to 60…

Note he plays Campaign only, not multi.

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This was a long time ago issue. Wired controllers have always been required for events to ensure no mods were happening.

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I was pretty sure that it was my new mouse causing this problem but you make me doubt about it now. I will try it on CoD to see if I’ve micro freezes. Hardware or Winter Update ? I’ll investigate :stuck_out_tongue:


I find myself having a hard time caring about a single thing you just just said. I like playing Halo on the PC. Next :point_right:


lol controller has the advantage in close ranges, you have no idea what you are talking about

I’m really impressed that console players will find new and inventive BS ways to blame us for literally everything wrong.


What’s worse is that this game is primarily PC players in matchmaking. Every game the story is the same, console players at the bottom and PC players at the top. If the other team is all PC players, we just quit.

Turning off crossplay would do wonders for this game. The latest update that totally skews weapon strength makes the gulf between console and PC so much worse.

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