Halo Infinite should have battle passes as DLCs on Steam

I think that it would be a lot nicer if battle passes in Halo Infinite would be purchasable as a DLC on Steam. It does make sense, since the battle pass does not expire, and it provides a lot of content to play for! And it’s also going to be easier for PC players to buy battle passes in general, not just in-game.

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I think that due to the monetization system created based on the in-game currency it would be difficult to implement what you propose.

Tbh I don’t think it should be a big problem to implement. We already know that the battle pass costs the same 10$ all the time, therefore they can just tie it to real money outside of the game. Oh, and is this currency officially going to be implemented into the full release? I’ve heard somewhere that it’s just a placeholder thing.

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Do you remember that in the technical test they gave us about 4000 silver coins to spend on whatever we wanted? Basically everything is going to be based on that monetary system.