Halo infinite should be retitled to halo stagnant

Seriously, I doubt the devs are even listening at this point. Game seems more like a cash grab just to hopefully financially recover from the failures or previous games and this one.

It’s stagnant and does not feel like the game is going anywhere.

They said we would have co-op, forge, custom game browser, and more customization but none of this has occurred and little to no effort from the devs to make it happen.

Big team battle has been broken for almost a month now. This is sad, this is not the halo we were promised. Anyone else who bought the full game looking for a refund like I am? Cause this has to be the worst launch of any game I’ve seen in a long time.

Halo infinite has become the no mans sky of first person shooter games.


The no man’s sky comment is spot on because they ended up actually fixing what they started but by that time it was too late.


Exactly the point I’m trying to make, this game will be dead within the next month unless they make some serious changes.

The player count is already dropping off and it’s a shame cause I have so much fun in multiplayer but after only 1 hour of continuous ranked oddball matches I end up turning it off and playing something else.

Maybe it’ll become halopunk 2077 and there will be a false advertising suit….


I’d give Hello Games more credit, unlike 343 which is backed by Microsoft & made exclusively by Microsoft, they are a much smaller dev team who got over ambitious, but did deliver on their promises eventually for free.

Internet Historian did a great video talking about this.


Halo 3 didn’t get it’s first patch until 6 months after it came out.

Reach didn’t get a proper patch until 343 took over nearly a year later.

Nowadays players cry if there isn’t a patch every single week. Despite the fact that patches are much, much harder to make now than they were back then.


I do give them credit tho. It’s great that they fixed it and it’ll be great when 343 fixes it. I do however recongize that timing is everything. To a lot of people the exposure they have to the game in the first few months is crucial


So you are saying you are perfectly fine and happy with halo infinite currently? With none of the things 343 promised besides a steep pay wall?

Yes previous titles took longer to patch, but they were more of a finished product at launch. The only thing I see for now is halo infinite being a infinite beta.


and for a dev team that small they went radio silent to work on the game, yeh.

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So if they are harder to make then why are they making game they can’t handle? I’d be ok with garbage graphics if it ment I was playing a smooth game

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I’m saying 343 has already given us a date for many of these changes. They are focussed on fixing BTB, Desync, and implementing Anti-Cheat by mid February. Making changes to monetization on a regular basis until we find a balance starting tomorrow. Coop and sweeping changes to experience/progression when season 2 launches in May, and Forge in season 3, estimated to be around August.

We have clear, established dates for these changes, and people need to learn some damn patience.


its not patience they need to learn, its faith, trust, trust and faith in the developers, which has been strained quite a bit recently for some.


After MCC’s incredible transformation over the last year, and seeing what an excellent core game they have to work with. I’ve got faith.


It’s been 6 years. The whole be patient argument doesn’t cut it and it seems to be the whole defense these days. “Ohhh just wait”. Yeah. We’ve been waiting for how long now?


it did take from 2014-now to reach that point, after being left alone during Halo 5’s support, so maybe.

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The same people don’t work on MCC tho. In fact a lot of the stuff in the Halo franchise is outsourced


Maybe your ok waiting until August but 90% of us aren’t.


I’ve purchased and played every single halo title since I was a kid mowing lawns to save money to buy the original Xbox just to play halo CE.

This is the most unfinished game at launch, I’m glad they are doing something cause they desperately need to.

The point I’m making is this game was hyped pre launch to have all the latest and greatest things that we wanted and instead 343 took a dump on some moldy toast and handed it to us.

I love halo, I always have and I always will, I have always been committed to playing halo more so then any other title out there, but my patience is thin. I find myself just sticking to MCC for now because halo infinite is just stagnant and I really want to see forge, custom game browser, and other things we were promised.


I waited 19 years for Metroid Dread.

I waited 27 years for Streets of Rage 4.

I can wait another day for monetization changes, month for fixed BTB, 4 months for Coop, and 7 for Forge.


Not really. Bungie’s games were done by Bungie themselves.

and some waited for FF Verses XIII…sometimes disappointment happens.