Halo infinite shotgun is extremely underpowered, it can't get a kill in even two shots, it's not competitive with a sword, any gun can beat it with a punch

Halo infinite shotgun is extremely underpowered, it can’t get a kill in even two shots, it’s not competitive with a sword, any gun can beat it with a punch combo, there is no point of the shotgun.


That is why it has more range.


It took a while to get out of the mindset of running at an opponent and expecting them to fall with one shot at short range.

But now I’ve got the hang of shoot and melee.

And the range is great for finishing off a wounded opponent trying to run away.

It’s a different beast all right… but quite satisfying in it’s own right.

For infection though, the zombies are going to need a nerf on health.


Isn’t it a 3 shot kill? I’d works just fine when having the mentality of its not a 1 shot kill.


Its already bad facing people with energy sword or gravity hammer who camp in a corner, theres really nothing you can do except stop fighting him and try again later, or tossing a gigaton of ordinance in his general vicinity hoping to get him to come out. But if you dare go inside, he is waiting and any gun you have wont be able to stop him before he slices you in half or crushes your armor. Those are power weapons though, so it isnt nearly that common, yet still very annoying. Now imagine dealing with that but against a shotgun that spawns around the map very frequently, does not require a point blank range to attack, and is almost unnoticeable until it is too late. At least with a sword or hammer you can see clearly that they have it and can try to keep your distance. With a shotgun it would be too hard to tell the difference unless youre close enough to get blasted by it.

It’s meant to be a CQC 1 shot melee kill. You can use it to great effect that way. I LOVE the bulldog.


You can clearly see a gravity hammer or energy sword grappling straight into you from across the map. So what do you do with your AR or sidekick? Just pepper him until your untimely death?

That’s what the shotgun is for, it’s a human CQC answer to both weapons and requires skill because it needs to be aimed and each shot calculated to the right range. It kills from a point blank to a small distance infront if you but past that it’s a 2 shot.

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You can keep your range. Give me the one-shot pump shotgun back.


The Bulldog is a great mid-tier shotgun, but we do need to see the return of the M90 as a top-tier weapon to counter-balance the Sword.


Wow. Never thought id see someone say a shotgun takes skill. Especially the ones that is a one shot kill. That does it for me. Everytime people talk about weapon balance, its always the good or op weapons they say take the most skill, and the bad or decent ones require none. Maybe, just maybe somewhere in your little head there is a small light, that light is saying that maybe the reason you do good with a br or a one shot kill shotgun, is because they are above average weapons and not because of skill. I like to use different guns from time to time, because if i am just spamming the br its gonna get boring really fast, and when i become so mind numbingly bored and try a new weapon, i wont know how to use it and then come to the forums asking for it to be buffed or something. That is exactly what this post is. Maybe all weapons are fine, its just the br is op. If you dont think br spammers camping is annoying, then neither will shotgun campers. But for me and the majority of players, it is annoying. People always accuse me of being a cod fan, assuming it is a insult and it is bad to like call of duty, i am one to say i do not want to ever see a time where shotgun campers are a thing.

I’ve literally been playing cod to fill the void Halo left after someone took a 434 on it lmao.

Yes it takes skill, hammers and swords get nasty lunge and are OHK’s anywhere on the body, the shotgun was a OHK at an insanely close range that would either proved you sucked with it or were decent if you could bulltrue someone.

With Infinites “bulldog” that left the two melee weapons with no conventional counter. Especially with the no skill, turn off brain switch grapple hook, which eliminates tactical positioning and map knowledge and replaces it with a few free kills or saves it’s laughable.

I’ve gotten maybe 3 bulltrues when in all other games I think I have at least a hundred, I’ll give Infinite the benefit of it being new, however it’s near impossible to kill a sword or hammer wielder without being blessed by the RNG gods that control your shields and latency.

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Think a 2 shot slot meat shot should be fair at least, but only at closs ranges. But I believe meat shot + melee can be lethal most of the time at least,

I have gone on so many killing sprees with the shotgun, and in close range I do one shot melee kill and two shot but with a longer range it takes more. I like the shotgun just fine you just need to work with it more. Plus, I am a casual gamer only silver in Ranked and I can use the shotgun effectively

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The shotgun is completely OP as is. At least in terms of it’s almost unlimited damage range. If anything this weapon needs a damage buff at very short range and a massive nerf to its overall effective damage range.

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Only issue I have with it countering a sword is indirect. And that’s the sword user survives melee trades that should kill them. Which makes countering them harder. The sword has such a massive range now, I don’t think it needs to win melee trades. Other than that though, I’m fine with the Bulldog. It’s not supposed to be like the old shotgun. You can counter sword users if you can enough distance. It’s harder, but that’s just the design of the gun.

I’m not against the old shotgun returning though. In fact, I think a lot of old guns should. Right now I see why they chose the weapons they did, but overtime more would be nice.

At close range it kills in two shots?

The reticle seems to lie about the gun’s spread. The spread is way too narrow for how wide it is meant to be. Either there needs to be more spread or the reticle needs to be smaller.

It actually can kill in two shots up close.

It’s not the best but viable nonetheless.

not an excuse. The Halo CE shotty also has better range and does actual proper damage

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You definitely want to purge the mindset of the previous Halo shotguns to be able to handle the Bulldog. Once I did that, I came to really like the Bulldog, myself :smiley: I enjoy its gunfighty nature and while it may not have its one-shot point-blank capability, its a beast in its own right with its added range and rate of fire.

May not be the Bulltrue-capable weapon that its previous iterations were, but I do find it to be a satisfying weapon. Still would be nice to eventually get one of the pump-shotties back though. Would be really nice to have a return of one of them for Infection when that rolls around.

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