Halo Infinite Servers down?

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY!! Waited all week to play some Infinite. I was so excited!!

I logged in (Series X, London UK). Nothing is loading. Are the servers down for everyone else? I checked twitter and some people are saying they are down too.

As a few people likely know, I am a HUGE Halo fan (seriously, its a problem lol) - but I am seriously coming to the end of my tether with these issues. I am so fed up. 20+ years playing Halo and I am finally getting to the point where I am just annoyed more than I am satisfied.

Jeez 343 come on.

Eurgh I’m going to shut up now before I say something that gets me banned. It’s just disappointing that’s all. If it wasn’t for my love of this franchise I’d have jumped ship years ago.



This seems to be a burgeoning problem at the moment. Like you, I seem to be having a problem accessing the online/progress-related menus such as my Challenges, Armor Hall, Shop, etc.

However, I can still play games just fine. Played a couple BTB games and was able to go in and play them but my Spartan is in the beginner Default Armor. All the customizations on my guns are gone as well.

And considering the amount of Default Spartans I saw in those couple games, this is not an isolated issue.

Dunno if this is restricted to console users right now or if PC players are having this problem as well.


Not just me then, I’m UK based and multiplayer is offline. No mention of any issues on Twitter, etc :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Some people were saying Halo 5 servers were down too, they are probably jam packed with trying to get the Friday update post out and got side swiped by the servers. I give it a few minutes and maybe we will see something about it. Maybe… probably… Idk with these guys anymore.

Okay. So Guardians isn’t the only one down; MCC and now Infinite too.

Wait, so all three are down?!?!?

Who turned off the power at 343? Wow.

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Out of curiosity, is infinite’s campaign playable during outages like this? I can’t check right now

Same here. No customization, but the game plays fine.

Campaign not playable, at least for me. I just tried it after MCC wasn’t working. It will do the countdown and then reset.

Same here (Canada) nothing in the Customization or store menus are loading at all. seems Im able to play BTB tho.

Same here. My challenges aren’t tracking at all. Getting into any match at the moment is taking ages.

Same. I can play matches, but customization, challenges, and season pass are all not working.

In the USA btw.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse.

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Same here (also EU) on PC. Could get into BTB but most people are in default skins with default weapons and gamer tags. The game seemed to run normally besides that. Can’t access challenges menu, shop, the community tab, etc.
The campaign seems ok on Steam. Though had it crash 3x for the first time (never had crashes), but I’m not sure if it’s related.

Live service folks yeehaw :clown_face:


I have literally just made Onyx during this mess after grinding ranked for WEEKS. My rewards didn’t show up. They had better show up when servers come back. 343 I’d better get those rewards, I have grinded so hard for onyx.

It’s official


Just checked h5. Cant sync, servers down

Working fine for me…but it’s playing like the usual piece of turd that is is. Desync is ridiculous. Just not enjoyable playing like this.

Thanks for the responses everyone. It all seems to be working for me now.

BTB took about 2.5 minutes to find a match though, which is annoying as hell. WHY is it all so bad? I mean come on you guys likely have some of the best teams and funding in the world, yet you fall flat on some of the most basic things. It’s so so disappointing. Then you have games like Apex Legends which find a game within about 8 seconds no matter what time you play! I just don’t understand why Halo has to be so controversial for the wrong reasons. It makes no sense at all.

Like I said a thousand times before, I f**king LOVE Halo, it has literally changed and shaped my life, its just so sad to see 343 lacking this way. I want it to be the best damn game it can be, and you guys just keep on failing at the most basic things. Infinite is a GREAT start, but that is all it is - a START. There is a long long way to go, and I really hope you can get this moving sooner rather than later, else I feel this game will end up becoming something people just have resentment towards.

I had to get that off my chest. FML seriously.