Halo Infinite Series X Console - EU Preorders

Hi everyone ! Just had a question to ask the Community. Specifically those of you who live in Continental Europe.
Has anyone been able to preorder one of these consoles ? Been searching since the 24th of August and no way to obtain one or beat scalpers to them. Aside from all the big stores where its being sold (Walmart, Target, BestBuy and GAME) that do not ship to Europe, in the few stores that do sell them here on the continent, I haven’t been able to get one at all. Only retailers we have that we can buy/preorder from are Microsoft.com, Ebay, and Amazon. Neither of which are selling them at this current time (aside from Ebay but the price goes as high as nearly 1500 euros not including shipping which is ridiculous that these people can get away with this). Really wish we didn’t always have to miss out on these things so consistently because of living in Western Europe :frowning:
If anyone has any ideas or solutions to get around this please be sure to let me know !

Cheers, and thanks for taking the time to respond !
Appreciate it.