Halo Infinite SBMM

There 100% is and it sucks big time

This is all a perspective thing. The only people who have a problem with SBMM are good players. Good players get tired of playing good players because it’s mentally draining.

Average to bad players don’t tire of playing each other because they play casual.

The problem is good players want to get in on worse players games so they can chill out. The reason developers implement SBMM is it massively increases player retention . Gamers are really good at pointing out problems but don’t see the big picture, but that’s understandable.I’m short SBMM is for the majority not the minority removing it would be great for you but not the game as a whole

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Its way overtuned and the points you make are correct. Majority of my games are long drawn out stalemates. The free lobbies you get occasionally are down right disgusting aswell. Got one the other day where my whole arena team were blinged out with battlepass items and the other team were all plain noobs. They got stomped so bad i actually felt horrible. 50 to 5 was the end score, 3 of those 5 were assisted suicides. Im sick of rigged lobbies trying to pry money from players that arent as good and how sbmm is always cranked to eleven.

But that’s the thing…SBMM ISNT for the majority. It’s for the minority. The MAJORITY of players feel no effect from SBMM because their lobbies tend to be average skilled opponents already. It’s to keep the bottom % of players from getting crushed.
But you’re right. It’s exhausting playing against top lobbies all the time.

Everyone is affected by SBMM, regardless of whether or not they consciously recognize its effects.

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Its absurd, some of the matches that I come across in quick play really are more sweaty than my Plat 5 comp games

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I agree with you. it’s not possible to have two gold IV and the other two players aren’t classified into the Ranked Arena (Squad). i think is a good way to MMR to find only player with same rank (gold i - Gold VI).
More classified rank player ragequit during the game.

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SBMM is a joke in this game. Can’t even play with my GF and my buddy because they don’t play Halo nearly as often and she gets annihilated by these sweaty tryhards every match.

I’m not that great of a player either, so why am I being matched with these people? It’s so incredibly frustrating.

343 needs to tone SBMM down because they’re already over the game because of the bad experiences they’ve had with SBMM already


Youre not alone at all, Its crazy that comp mode seems less sweaty. If I had to guess I think the sbmm is so strong that it over compensates your skill by alot. Hopefully their just testing boundaries and will tune it better for full launch.

SBMM Keeps the game fair. Everyone wants to PUB Stomp. What’s the fun in that ? If my game doesn’t end 49-50, I’m furious. If my K/D isn’t 1 I’m rage quitting. If I’m positive 25 I’m throwing my Xbox out the window. I don’t get how people aren’t happy with SBMM

You dont get it? Read the last 90 comments please. It just makes the game not fun, we need a balance of game difficulty to maintain our mental sanity. Every game being a sweat fest in a casual plyalist is terrible. If you havnt expiernced it yet, you will eventually.

Oh God…

Do you guys not remember all the complaints about skill disparity in MM in MCC? And you want to go back to that?

Parity is the lesser evil. I’m sorry.