Halo Infinite Satisfaction Survey

Couldn’t have said it better. Everyone she’s core gameplay is there but the customization and the store keep pushing people away. It’s only worth being here for the fractures. And even then …

I just uninstalled the game.
My team mates gave up this week too.
The game is getting worse and worse for every month.
There are no positive things about the game tbh, its a pretty bad shooter.
Without the Halo name it would have died sooner.
Im picking up COD MF2 in October.

I’m neutral.

Game is decent, I hope they can fix the issues that are so noticeable. There are plenty of other things out there to keep me occupied till this game gets it’s footing, if it get’s it’s footing.

Careful, comments like that are taboo :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

As much as I want to play devil’s advocate for the game, it’s stupid how much time got wasted during development. The game we have today is the byproduct of poor prior leadership and studio infighting, and it shows.

To be a little cynical, it makes sense that they opted for a free-to-play live service model. Aside from cheating their way out of taking the time to release a finished product, I wouldn’t have paid $60 just to play the multiplayer mainly and the campaign once or twice either.

Halo Infinite can’t stand on it’s own two feet, even next to inferior Halo titles. I even wager that it would’ve been the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot more people had it been a traditional launch.

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I’m somewhere between unsatisfied and neutral. I like certain things and the gameplay but these issues like desync, A very poor progression system, lack of weather effects in campaign and MP, the UI not being the greatest, no in-game service record, The awful player collision! lack of features like campaign co-op and forge and so on. Oh and the fact there’s only one bloody ranked playlist is a complete joke!!! How there is no ranked team slayer playlist is beyond me. I have over 30 people on my friends list that used to play Halo that no longer do just because of this.

I agree with many others on here that Halo Infinite will probably be a pretty good game in another few years.



I didn’t know that either.


Hey 343i, do me a favor and look at UBISOFT’s The Division 2. Game started out rocky, but at least it has progression, challenges that last for a long time, cosmetics for days. Because of the BS I see in this game, ive gone back to the division. Forgot about it for a while, but now ill probably stick in there until i see or hear of some serious changes…


When is halo infinite going to come out?


See, this is where things get confusing.
Halo infinite, unlike previous installments, is a free to play live service game. Or whatever its definition is.
To sum up-
Expect a full game in about another year. Hopefully.

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Until desync, server selection, aiming and spawns all get fixed I’m going to vote as unsatisfied.


Completely unsatisfied. I have uninstalled the game on my Xbox One X, which is part of my Game pass and will not be r-installing until the network issues are resolved. If they aren’t, the game is dead to me.

Primary issue is 80% of my solo games are 250+ ms ping times because their match making server “thinks” Alberta Canada is closer to some Europeans server than Seattle. MCC / H5 server selector shows ping times of 25 ms to Seattle and 20% of my HI games are at 25 ms ping times. I was playing during the late day or evening, so there is no way that there should have been a shortage of players in Western North America to keep it filled.

So until this gets resolved (if ever), the game is dead to me.


I just want the game to stop crashing on me 4 times out of 6. I am trying to play with my friends. We are trying to have fun. But I get to restart the game twice or three times an hour which cuts into our time together. The lag, the crashing, the bugs, the graphics, everything since S2 dropped has gone completely downhill. Not to mention nerfing my favorite gun for literally no reason -_-

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Oh hell yeah, I forgot I had that installed! I love Division 2. Thanks for the reminder :smiley:

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