Halo Infinite Satisfaction Survey

I’m vary unsatisfied.

IMO if 343 stuck with the concept of Halo and let Joe lead, I’m sure Infinite would have been better off. (No, it wouldn’t have been “perfect” but at least I might have felt I was playing a Halo game.)

343 is like Bungie, always making unnecessary changes and things turn out for the worst when they could simple work with what has worked for Halo and they would have a much larger player base. It’s mind boggling that 343 is trying to mold Halo into something it’s not and the sad thing here is, they don’t even see what’s wrong with what they are doing. They rather fight Halo and the fans to have things their way then to do right and at least try to get this game in a good place. So, because of their actions they caused the game and themselves way more issues then they can handle and this isn’t even close to being a half a game. That last part says a hell of a lot and it’s something the higher-ups really need to sit down and let that sink in that that is just wrong and start looking for ways to actually improve things, not this half-backed solutions so they can keep things how they want it.

Games should be created for the player base as well as the company, not just the company

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Gunplay satisfies on the surface (there are many small problems which could, beeing fixed, lift the game to a another level). The rest of it is a disgrace to a AAA title and I really hope MS finally pulls the plug of 343. Each and every launch was an absolute catastrophe.

Well as you guys know I am not all that satisfied because of the Custom Games Area is not fixed. We need the Custom Game Browser ASAP so we can play our custom game modes!

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

My high dissatisfaction is purely down to my awareness of the game and franchises potential.

The gameplay is fun, I enjoy the multiplayer except for the customization and progression aspects.

Campaign is terrible An empty shell of what could have been a decent game. Boring, poorly written, unfinished, ugly-looking.


Focus on improving. Dont complain. Look at others playstyles, study the maps, try to stay near your teammates and clean up kills

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As Chief would say, “Sad Face”.

I am doing well (my k/d is close to 2 or even higher every day), but i just get teammates that aren’t good enough. They just run away from each other while the oppo team stays together (or in teams of 2), so they just get picked of every time. Or when we are in a 2v2, they just run away without even trying (they still have full shields) and leave the other fighting a 1v2, etc. And when i do get teammates who are tactical enough to stay together (or in pair, depending on the enemy), they are just not skilled enough and the enemy is just better.

That makes it just so annoying, since my teammates often just keep ‘giving away’ the match. I often can’t completely blame them, because they are just less skilled as the enemy players. But this makes it just so frustrating, that the teams are just not balanced. There is only so much i can do.

And it’s also not that it’s you win some you lose some in that matter, it’s losing almost every time in that way. I’m almost never on the winning side of those kind of matches, wich even makes it more frustrating.

I am a 4, but the problem is even with how satisfied I am with the game I know it is incomplete so I feel like I just messed with the numbers more then I should.

Like The campaign alone got me to a 4, MP almost dropped it down to a 1, no forge, no good custom game browser, and the randomness is just bad.

I’m very unsatisfied. Infinite is kind of boring. 343 tried to target so many different people and they just made infinite kind of boring. The aim assist is either too strong or too weak at random times. Im on xbox one s and infinite is not really playable. I’ve never played a shooter game, where it feels so bad to use controller. The game also has no maps, weapons, or basic ranked and social playlists. There’s not that much to do in infinite.

Hey man, that survey isnt about your K/D ratio or your teammates. Its about the overall game. You have crap teammates for the same reason I do. Not enough players because 343i hasnt given us a complete game. Vets like myself are stuck with these younger kids that play Fortnight and god only knows what else. Thus, we get crap match ups. And by all means, im not saying kids shouldnt play this game, we were once that brat playing against older people too. Its just the player base that should be there is now gone and looked else where. These kids dont know this game like us, so theyll keep playing because its fun to them. I just pray to the gods that these kids arnt buying the crap in the store. Did we warn the children about this yet?

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Perhaps read it again: i’m talking about getting in losing matches almost all of the time. The teammates are only the reason for it. If i had bad teammates, but still was being able to win matches, it would already be way different.

We also play to be able to win. Ofcourse you won’t win everything, but almost always losing because of bad matchmaking is definitely destroying the fun in the game and thus the satisfactory.

I get ya, i get ya. Are you taking about ranked or just regular MM? In ranked, that whole thing is a disaster, I wont even look at ranked because its full of cheaters (ie aim bots, wall hacks, no recoil, etc) Regular MM has its ups and down. I usually get a 50/50 with teams. Some games both teams are overall good and some games i feel like half my team just MM to get the exp for being there.

I was talking about social. I am just getting stuck with the win-challenges because of that. I finaly got the win 3 PvP matches done after 20 matches or something like that. But still stuck at only 1/4 of the win team slayer matches.

I am not even touching ranked as long as i don’t even get decent social matches. I have only played the placement matches (won only 3 of those 10 and even with a k/d of 2.66 i got only the rank of the players i played against and also no tougher opponents during those placement matches) and after that i played 1 more match (i had a challenge to get some ranked score i though it was), but that’s about it.

Yeah, i feel it there. On PC in Steam, the avg player base is maybe 3k people. And thats on the weekends and now that school is out as well its the same. So the few of us that actually want to play and try in this game are few and far between. I only play now in hopes something will have changed, but alas, nothing. Textbook insanity, I know. But i have a tiny bit og hope

I also have hope, that’s why i keep playing it and try to complete challenges and the BP.

2/3 Neutral I’m a big Halo fan. Loved H2 and H3. Absolutely adored H4!

  • Base movement speed is too high in all directions especially strafing.
  • Radar is meh
  • Aiming is changed from the classic style and is geared toward PC players. Absolutely needs response curve settings.
  • Aim assist is low which is great if base movement speed was reduced and fps is at least 60.
  • Server sync and shot registry is not consistent from game to game. frustrating even with 25ping.
  • Descope mechanic is trash for everything but snipers. Sniper glare is unnecessary with descope.
  • Some weapons need tuning… everything plasma.
  • Armor cores are a bad idea. Helmet And Shoulders are the only significant pieces in overall look. Need MCC H3 armor system. undersuit selection and armor pieces across multiple generations of mjolnir.
  • Shop items should be available at all times and be priced lower. Not incentivised to buy overpriced armor for cores that i don’t use.
  • Banished enemies and story are good and i love the open world.
  • I hate everything they did with Cortana and the Prometheans! The Weapon is insanely annoying.
  • Need PVE game modes with custom spartans.
  • There is no reason to leave out the global rank system particularly when they gave rewards for max rank in H5. Halo Reach system is good.
  • Ranking system is still a mystery. seems random.
  • Need daily and weekly challenges that can be completed simultaneously and in any order. make stages to weekly challenges like defeat 20/40/100 spartans in tdm etc.
  • I like the battlepass sytem currently.

Overall the game is fun for a few matches here and there, but falls short of H2,3 or 4. There are continuing to improve and are working with a new engine in year one. Hopefully after a year or two the game will be solid. My fear is there are too many mistakes/bad choices that are hard baked into the game to make it great and the player count is falling fast while we wait.

What @BerserkerKitty9 said lol. This isnt the only place people have listed all the issues with the game. Every other forum here has a list people have come up with and its pretty much the same across the board. Without the core aspects of the game, we’re not gonna want to play. 343i gave us a bare bones game and a store of absolute garbage and said “hey you go”. I only play a few matches a day because after 5 games, im only getting 50 exp per match. And the weekly challenges are more like dailies to me. Every tuesday I play a bit longer because i have something to actually do, after that its just mehh…


Honestly surprised this is still up, I would have expected something showing about 70% dissatisfaction to be removed for “reasons”


I’m neutral about it.

I do like the gameplay, I enjoy it.

But I’m just waiting for the rest of the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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