Halo Infinite Satisfaction Survey

In general, how satisfied are you with Halo Infinite?
  • 5 - I’m very satisfied
  • 4 - I’m satisfied
  • 3 - I’m neutral
  • 2 - I’m unsatisfied
  • 1 - I’m very unsatisfied

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Very unsatisfied, since there IS NO FUNCTIONING SBMM!!!

I am sick and tired of EVERY day having to lose almost all matches, because it simply isn’t balanced!


I’m neutral because the core of the game is great, but all this monetization is ridiculous.


Not happy with all the monetization and yet still no functioning rank progression system in sight.


Neutral. Was terrible, slowly moving at a snails pace towards a better direction.

At this point in the game’s lifespan I am neutral, and that has come down from being a 5, then to a 4.

My overall favorability has decreased as the outlook on the continued development has been dragged out and the game has continually stagnated.

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Ecstatic. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

I don’t understand how anyone can be “very satisfied” with this game. There is so much that doesn’t work and so much that is missing.

To each their own, I guess.


Very unsatisfied. Gameplay may be great at it’s core but player expression PvE and forge are all currently either awol or just predatory


Neutral, If I’d have to play halo 5 or infinite I would choose Infinite for sure. Halo 5 makes me feel slow and bulky but halo infinite I’m used to quick performance.
I agree there’s Desync and Desync is annoying for sure, despite of that I have my lucky times and sometimes I save them.


Talking about the store, I don’t really mind because I don’t bother to spend any cent on it, or I just buy what I think I’m going to use

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Satisfied. Very satisfied with where we going. Not so much in how long it’s taking to get there.

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the option i wouldve chose isnt even listed

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I’m a 4, but I average 30 ping so that’s my perspective. There’s problems but it’s a good game.

I’m not as mad as most people, but its very objectively riddled with problems that need fixing


I’m more disappointed than dissatisfied. This game is good, but should be much better.


I think the core gameplay is great and hands down the best in the series. Finally have a decent AR, maps are better than they were in 5. The story is better than anything 343 has made yet as they finally understand the Chief that Bungie made, most weapons feel useful for a change. A return to a more classic Halo art style.

Vehicles need a map to shine on, (and maybe a few buffs) such as Blood Gulch with no long range weapons outside of a single sniper to fight over (not every gun has to be on every map). Armor unlocks only being through a store or passes, this doesn’t allow you to show off accomplishments like Recon and Hayabusa feom H3 or Helioskrill from H5. No co op, firefight, or forge yet.

Still the most fun I have had since H3 and feels like a sequel to H3 i know many of us have been waiting for, even though we are missing content and not sure why its taking so long but if they can get us co op and forge this year i think the game will be in a really good state. So 4 leaning towards a 5 if the game gets some needed updates.

Look, 343. Whatever you do with your customization and cosmetic sales don’t irk me as bad as you simply releasing a product that is fundamentally worse than a 20 year old game.

  • Stability, both network and optimization is very poor. There’s a serious issue with this game looking like a Xbox 360 game but running so badly.

  • Incentive. There is currently no incentive to play because there is no career progression. Even games like CoD and Apex that you so dearly try to emulate has progression in some form beyond the crappy battlepass.

  • Gameplay. I’m glad you have FINALLY nailed the Halo gameplay, but you keep ruining it with revamped game modes no one asked for, and missing features. The focus should always be giving us what we have enjoyed in previous titles before experimenting. Do you really think new audiences will enjoy experimental stuff over things that have held their standards for 20 years?

Oh and you think it’s just gamemodes? No, it’s much more. You changed the physics engine for something that doesn’t perform nearly as well. Weapons despawn way quicker. Object Physics are all busted and broken. We can’t even stand on each other anymore. Random dropping weapons and vehicles disrupt gameplay more than it encourages action.

If you need a focus group, make that focus group play through the old Halo games. Get them to all understand why such a simple concept blew up and captured the hearts of many. Stop trying to put your spin on things and try things we have never seen before in favor of what worked.

Bungie introduced new features, but never forgot what was core to the franchise, neither should you.


i need to borrow everything you said for my post of my list of problems infinite has.

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I’m neutral. I do like the core gameplay, some gripes, but overall good. The monetization systems around them game are an outright ripoff though. I understand the need for battlepasses, but if you’re going to sell them you can’t be afraid of people actually progressing through them. The current system has you either grinding away through challenges that don’t align with how an individual wants to play (someone who plays BTB primarily probably doesn’t care about SWAT) , OR pay hundreds of dollars to rank up. That’s like paying for a lease on a car and having to pay two bucks per ride to drive it at normal speeds. We’re already paying for a battlepass, why are we being further paywalled out of the content? That’s exactly what that is for those of us without actual commitments and responsibilities.

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Nice gameplay. Lack of content and support. Small scale and scope. Underwhelming season 2 story that hasn’t provided much of a narrative hook or intrigue.

Questionable story decisions (kill Cortana off offscreen) , content (petite world with only one faction) and direction (Endless being a no show). Great characters, ambience, design and music.

It’s embarrassing that it took them this long to get Co op to work and stuff like Forge shouldn’t be “update” or presented as new content.

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