Halo Infinite’s Ranking System

Does anyone remember the Halo 5 days when this ELO style ranking system was released around year 2 and everyone was complaining that it wasn’t a good system?

343i would respond with the fact that the low population played a role in the system not working to its best ability.

Now with cross play enabled and a higher player base; the same complaints 5 got with the ranking system is still present in infinite where pro players has expressed their distaste for the system.

I would love to engage in conversation with those very same people that defended that system.

This is why ranking should always be based on W/L ONLY with a slight edge to the MVP player on the team. Individual ranking system serves no purpose in team focused playlists.

I will always prefer the 1-50 system. If they do this system, they need to follow how R6S does it. Too many issues currently with ranked.

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What exactly is the issue for you with it?

Is it judging individual skill in a skill based game?

Ranking is just inconsistent, even winning matches vs higher ranks. I.E. beating 3 onyx, and 1 d6 as a d4, but getting a sliver of rank up. Then you fight people equally skilled, and win you can lose rank or go up a lot.

The people in high diamond and onyx boosting using throw away gold and plat accounts. Or using a noob to lower the overall MMR of opponents. You win, you barely go up. You lose, you lose a LOT.

individual skill has also created people in ranks they shouldn’t be in with the above issue with boosting. That’s why there is so many onyx and diamond players. It’s poorly implemented. I can go +1 in any ranked match, and keep my rank vs equal opponents.

Oddball glitch where you can throw it into the wall the whole game and win. Same with crouching over the spawn and have it fly around the map until it resets, and just repeat.

Uneven matchups. You can have onyx vs plats in this game, which is extremely baffling.

Can’t rejoin matches if someone DC’s.

If someone leaves your match, your penalty should be less.

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It’s the fact that if you play an objective say oddball, and you are the one who has 2 mins with ball and go 18-16 and win, While one of your teammate with 6 seconds of ball time went 30-19, will gain more rank than you.

That should NEVER happen in a team based arena shooter. Why go for the objective anymore where your performance usually out weights the final outcome of the game.

W/L should be the majority factor and maybe sprinkle in some bonus points to the high performer. Which doesn’t have to be the most kills person, should be the highest point scored as that teammate did the best in that specific game mode.

it was the best from h3

The ranking system is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen in an FPS game. And you’ve done this in 6 years? You release such a ranking system after 6 years. Have you been smoking crack at 343?

The 1-50 had hidden ranks above it. It functioned the same as the system for Halo 5 originally did prior to the introduction of true skill 2.0

The current system is a skill rating system. Purely for slaying power instead of a reward system for winning massive numbers of games. Now a better player with 200 games played can still outrank a somewhat worse player with 1000 games played.

Top ranks used to go to the players that were good enough and had time to grind. Now the highest ranks are reserved for those who can continue to slay out everyone at the top level.