Halo Infinite: roll back to BETA!

@343i: it’s time to own your mistakes…this game is clearly not ready or fit for purpose and should not have come out of the “beta” classification. It’s not too late to make amends but a big part of your issue is players expectations.

The issues with this game are well known, the population is slowly but consistently falling off a cliff and you clearly don’t have any plans for the future as you don’t even have a roadmap…how that is possible for a AAA is beyond comprehension tbh.

You can still save face here as most of your issues outside of the issues inside of the game are due to player disappointment and expectations. You are clearly struggling and the game needs development, so simply make a public announcement that you are rolling the game back to BETA with minimal updates whilst you address all the issues in house. Your honesty would go a long way to salvage any remaining goodwill in the community.

We all want this game to be a huge success…and the way the FPS genre is at the moment, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. Create solid foundations, address the issues and release the game in a good state worthy of the Halo name…not this sorry mess of a game that we have now.

Do the right thing and shut this down as a “live service” because that has clearly failed so far and there is little evidence to show or suggest that it ever will be at this stage. If it takes 3 months, 6 months or a year…just take your time to get the issues fixed, have content prepared and a clear roadmap for at least a year. Show us that you aren’t only arrogant and incompetent…show us a degree of humility and you just may be able to provide us with a game that we all deserve in the future. All you are doing right now is digging a grave for the Halo franchise…so do the right thing whilst you still can.


If I was in charge I’d shut the game down immediately and put out a statement apologizing and explaining that it will be live again once the issues are fixed. Allowing it to be out in the public in it’s current state is only destroying the reputation of the game for older heads and showing the younger generation a game they will never want to play.


The real joke is they are still rotating content in their store. they could offer items for free for a limited time or HELL, incentivize the players who’ve been making progress in your game while its taken a nose dive in popularity.


it would make sense if they did this but they wont, with cyberpunk ppl at least were offered a refund, and now I’m 99% sure that’s why 343 went with the F2P model


When did 343 announce that the multiplayer was no longer in a beta? Due to how some of the news updates were worded, I was under the impression that this entire first season was still in a weird beta format.

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when campaign launched


Really? But the game didn’t feel any better after launch for Campaign or Multiplayer…


no i think it got worse when campaign launched


Agreed. That’s when things started going really -Yoink!- up. I don’t recall any major issues up to that point but it’s got progressively worse ever since.

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Precisely. They have failed and continue to fail. The literally have nothing to lose at this stage…keep it online in this state but clearly labelled as BETA, and fully focus on getting it right for a proper launch.

If you think about it, this game was launched with literally no promo…it was stealthily released quite unexpectedly without any hype or big reveal. They should just set it aside and not worry about this mess for now…just develop it and launch it properly.


I think the damage is already done, for me at least. With Halo 5 and the MCC, I had to step away from those games and wait for them to be fixed. Halo 5 at least became bearable but the MCC took like two years to get fixed so I never touched that again, even after “the big update.” Now, it appears that I am going to have to wait an unknown amount of time for Infinite to be completed as well. Only time will tell, but I refuse to keep playing a broken game.

Which is very unfortunate because I love playing Halo. Now whenever that urge to play Halo comes along, I simply check Waypoint for the Challenge Reward/Events to see if it’s really going to be worth jumping into a session of Infinite. I have other games to play and I’m trying to divide my time up between these games, but with how poorly handled Halo Infinite is right now, I can’t waste the time on it lol

And now the flood gates have opened, new game releases are going to be popping up every few weeks until the end of the year… Infinite is about to be drowned out by releases. Microsoft is going to have to get ready to inflate those Halo numbers somehow.


Yep…I fully intended to play this game to death for months or years but it’s far too broken…such a disappointment in many many aspects. I took the plunge and bought Elden Ring today so I’ll be mainly playing that now…and there’s hundreds of games on GamesPass that I haven’t even touched so it’s time to move on.

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Right like I have zero once tive to buy anything from that store. None of it is Amazing,

The game should go into a beta stage and what we have now is what we have keep the events that are coming coming but mostly keep it in a beta.

Co op campaign should get it’s usually updates unless they are willing to refund those who bought it.

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Right For me Elden Ring drops in 25 minuymtes but I have to go to work so tommarow I’ma be diving into that.

There is already issues but it’s mostly frame rate on boss battles and stuff like that. Nothing a small hotfix can’t take care of but they are standard launch issues. Not nearly anything close to what Halo Infinite had.

343 keeps asking for more time but time is not on their side, as each month goes by new games will release and take away playerbase.

Honestly they got lucky BF 2042 was such a dumpster fire because alot of players would be gravitating that way

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Hey man they just need more time. 6 years and $500 million just wasn’t enough


This game will probably have a 10-25% userbase compared to launch as its best, this summer its going to be about 10-20% players still playing online. If you fail at launch there is no going back, I think this games is like Cyberpunk. It has some nice ground mechanics but the overall feeling is the game is lacking content and stuff to do. If 343 would roll out 1 map per month I would be happy but I doubt it will happen.
The game came out in November and there are no new multiplayer features.
I think the gameplay is fun but I will get bored soon.

They need to just drop cross core in the game as well that alone allows more options.

Also where is Emile’s Shoulder peice and Carter’s right shoulder. So much content I feel they are purposely holding back.

Are they holding it back because they are lacking in content and need to stretch it out further.

Was there even an actual 10 yr plan or have they been making it up as they go.

Overall this is typical 343 MO, very vague responses and than silence.

They need to back away from HCS. I get Halo is established with other games and other options if you want to player real halo.

But I feel they could call this game Halo HCS edition. Then they could release Halo Infinite Multiplayer when it’s ready.

With all the casual playlists, forge, custom browser, theatre, firefight, war zone and some sort of Battle royal for Krusty, sideshow and the kids!

What do you mean roll back to BETA?
This is an ALPHA…

It’s pretty self explanatory Gus. Which bit don’t you understand and I’ll try to explain?

Edit: apologies…totally misinterpreted and misunderstood what you were saying.