Halo Infinite - Resurrection or Resignation?

To: Joseph Staten; Andrew Witts; Phill Spencer

Hey guys,

I honestly doubt any of you will read this personally but as a long standing Halo fan and Xbox enthusiast I feel the need to put my thoughts and feelings to words and to leave a record here for all to see. I want to start by saying thank you to each and every one of you and the teams of people who work under you for the countless hours of work and passion that have clearly gone into the multiplayer experience of Halo Infinite, The multiplayer experience is clearly a passion project for each of your teams and it shows in so so many ways. The art style of the maps and weapons and armor really nail the Halo esthetic and seamlessly merge the best of the old with a great flavor of new, The gunplay is truly satisfying to play and all of the weapons have a unique role in the sandbox while leaving no one thing feeling like “the meta.” In my personal opinion the maps are great, They are fun to play on if a little unimaginative at times in terms of the layout (typical 3 lanes) Would love to see a more unique take on the vertical aspects of some of these spaces but overall a success for sure. I could keep going about all the things I love about this experience but in truth it would only serve to distract from the elephant in the room… There are some massive problems with the multiplayer experience. The sad part is it has nothing to do with the gameplay itself and everything to do with almost predatory practices implemented within the seasonal progression and customization systems which were clearly designed for the sole purpose of monetization and continuous cash return at the expense of this franchise and its amazing community. The progression system shoehorns players into specific game modes and then limits their ability to select the mode they need to play forcing them to play for hours with little progression. The customization system completely neuters the choice and variety in color or armor style or emblems that had previously been offered for free and locks it all behind specific armor cores and pay barriers. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful and I understand the work that has gone into bringing this game to the players and I get that the multiplayer experience is being offered to the world for FREE and of course you guys deserve to see a return on that investment because it was CLEARLY a massive undertaking but this is not the way, This is not the Halo that brought this community together and its not the Halo that will bring back the old days. Joe you helped bring Halo into this world you know better than anyone what this game and this community are about and you know first hand the magic effect Halo can have with its community. I am begging you guys not to go the way of other studios like Activision and EA, If you go down that road of monetization without any regard for the Halo Universe and the generations of us who grew up in this community you will burn it all to the ground and there will be no more magic. I realize this plea will likely fall on def ears but I have to believe there are still a few among you who remember the glory days when the developers were players and we all met as equals online and at LAN parties, When Spartans settled their disagreements over a custom game of shotty snipes. I have to believe there are still those among you who want those glory days back and are willing to see that dream made a reality because if I don’t believe, I have to accept those days are gone forever and that what remains in their place is a hollow half measure… a facsimile made to squeeze the last bit of monetary value from the nostalgia of my childhood memories. I hope this letter/post will at least inspire others to express their concerns and I hope the powers that be will see those concerns and take steps to help put them to rest.

“There is still time to stop the key from turning.”


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