Halo Infinite Release....A dud

Lol literally no new content outside of the campaign release since the multiplayer beta. No new playlists, content, gametypes…etc. 343 had 6 years to come up with something…anything lol, and the lack of content is shameful, especially when you throw in the initial battle pass progression.


6 years and they didn’t even include SWAT… ain’t that sad? sodding swat!


Doubt most of the classic game types will even play the same as the past. They put the 343 touch of death on BTB and it’s horrible. They’ll insist on trying to fix what isn’t broken. It’s their trademark. When they finally do get around to adding them, I wouldn’t get your expectations too high.


Can you imagine what the release would have been like if it happened a year ago like originally planned? Gives me nightmares to think about lol


I want to see that build so bad, what absolute trashfire would have released then?

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I don’t think they ever planned on releasing it, I think the trailer was like that on purpose. They had seasons for MCC planned out running through the course of this year when Infinite should have been out. It doesn’t really make much sense. The seasons for MCC started rolling out before that delay was announced.

It’s a post release beta! Don’t worry we will make it good later!
Now please go check out the store, where we update the game on a daily/weekly basis to keep servers running, and food on the table!


Ooof this old argument.

Kinda difficult to make claims against a game that is 5th on Steam’s 100 charts lol

People love making up hyperbolic statements.

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