Halo Infinite Ranked

I feel ranked needs to be looked at. I got placed in Diamond, Im currently in diamond 4 and I feel like i dont deserve to be there. I lost more games than I won and sometimes would just do very poorly in games. Now I would pop off a few times and do decent in others. It almost feels like team work doesnt matter and thats not Halo.

I think 343 needs to take a look at some games that have good rank play. Like Halo 3, Smite, Guilty Gear Strive, even Apex I feel like has a better rank system.

What do you think?

I think it’s based on how many people play the ranked mode itself. Diamond is the top 16% of players, and if there aren’t many people playing it then it is relatively easy to get to those levels.

I haven’t even touched the ranked mode yet because I just don’t have interest in this system. Apex definitely had a great ranked mode.

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