Halo infinite ranked teamates

How does this make any sense? 30 and 19 with over two minutes as carrier and I lose a quarter of a level because my teammates won’t pick up the damn ball so we lose by 2 points. That “it goes off your personal performance” line everybody says is a load of crap


First up. You lost. So you lose rank.

That’s a fair chunk of rank to lose… are you certain it was all in one game? I think the red bar is how much you’ve moved since starting the session.

If just on one game… then you’ve either been beaten by a much lower ranked team - or the system still isn’t confident that you are Diamond 3 and is taking the opportunity to pull your CSR back in line with your MMR. And it could be a little bit of column A and column B.

I don’t think anyone has been spouting that line. And if they are you should shut them down. It’s a team game and it’s all about the W/L. There are some weightings to individual performance (especially early in the ranking process) but the win is still gold.

Quick peak on your game history… it was your third loss in a row… and 4th in 5 games.

So I think it was showing how much rank you had lost since then.

I was obviously frustrated when I made the original post, yes I’ve had bad games and had lost a few in a row, but after a loss in ranked I restart my game so I can see how much rank I gain/lose off the next game. This resets the red/blue bar and gives me a second to cool down (I play terribly when frustrated)

I have some bad games, I have some good games, which makes me think that my rank is probably pretty close to where it should be, I’m not always destroying the enemy team, I’m not always getting destroyed, just depends on the game.

My frustration was mainly on my teammate who wouldn’t play the objective in combination with losing rank in a game I did fairly well in statistically.

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