Halo Infinite Ranked System

The ranked system in this game feels very unfair and frustrating at times…there’s a lot of randomness.

  1. Don’t multiply my reward/punishment based off my opponents rank in a free to play game.
  2. Reward/punishments should not be based off kills alone…this is a team game and so much more goes in to being a good player. Some games provide opportunities to slay…some games provide opportunities to support/assist.

These two elements mixed together make a lot of RNG when it comes to ranking up. I feel like I’m rolling the dice every time I play ranked.

It’s like being an Olympic gymnast and practicing a bunch of sweet moves and at the end of the competition being rewarded for who had the best outfit….maybe not the best analogy…but Halo Infinite ranked system needs some attention.

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Oh yea…also smufing…don’t let players Smurf…put fireteams in games based off the highest ranked player and value all players the same…it’s free to play after all and an onyx skilled player can easily make a bronze level account to boost another.

Smurfing has nothing to do with the game being F2P. MCC wasn’t F2P and smurfing was a giant problem there already. In most non-F2P games you buy the game, not an account, so you can make as much accounts as you want, that is not something that’s only available for F2P.

Not sure what free to play has to do with it… But ELO type ranking systems rely on the relative rank of your opponent to change your rank.

That’s how they work.

They are not.

For the win!

No RNG. We don’t know the exact weightings… But it’s definitely not random.

Sweet analogy. But just not very fitting. The analogy that it is. Not the outfit.

Then I suggest we pay for our accounts, or they change the system some other way.

I can freely make a new account and easily boost my friends as a high Dimond/Onyx player with a bronze level account.

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There is, playing more will cement more definitively your rank as randomness averages out over time.

It’s not just kills that are factored in, however kills are obviously an essential part of both slayer and objective gametypes and the easiest metric for determining players performance.

Win/loss is obviously part of it.

But, there’s more to it then that.

My friend and I are the same rank and have had several games where one of us will get 1-3 more kills then the other and get rewarded x2 or x3 more MMR….I’m saying this is silly because the one player is not performing x2 or x3 better than the other as the rank system reflects.

We have also had slayer games where someone goes 14:25:1 getting more MMR then someone going 8:3:8…so the system clearly is rewarding kills from what I’ve seen.

Ultimately Ranked Halo is a team game mode and I feel the rank system should more so reflect this, opposed to individual kills.

Not only do I disagree with what I’ve gathered about how the rank system works…I even more so disagree with the fact that how the systems works is a mystery and no one truly understand how it works.

I wish 343 will consider rebalancing the way the current rank system works…or at the very least clearly explain how it works.

I love Halo Infinite, I still think the rank system needs some attention.

The thing is the MMR rewards/punishments for rank seems to be based on kill “place” rather than kill “count”.

I’ve seen players “place” second with 16 kills get x3 MMR then players who “place” third with 14 kills, stats otherwise the same.

in my experience the system doesn’t factor in player deaths in anyway…which is especially stupid in slayer IMO.

Ultimately my biggest gripe is no one actually knows how it works because 343 has been silent about the details, as far as I can tell.

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If we compare some quick basic data on you and your friend.

Justin - 132 games - 1,562
K/D - 1.13
Win - 57.6%
Avg KDA - 4.45
DNF - 1
Accuracy - 52%
HS Accuracy - 72.1%
Avg Damage - 5,137
Avg Time Alive - 43.86s
MVP - 33.33%

You - 179 games - 1,522
K/D - 1.31
Win - 53.6%
Avg KDA - 6.17
DNF - 1
Accuracy - 52.8%
HS Accuracy - 74.7%
Avg Damage - 4,792
Avg Time Alive - 54.52s
MVP - 24.02%

You have a better K/D than your friend, but your friend is more frequently the MVP, and consistently puts out more damage than you per game.

Obviously as you have not played every game together, the data can be somewhat misleading as your opponents when playing without each other will vary. If for argument’s sake we say you are regularly playing similar level of players when not with each other, it would suggest the system values this higher damage output and score more than k/d and accuracy. Which could be true. Which player is better, someone who goes 20-17 or someone who goes 11-5, difficult to say. I guess this is where score from objective is also factored in as your friend is MVP in more games. In objective k/d is less weighted. There are things that may be factored in that we don’t know about such as power weapon pickups, medal etc etc. We just don’t know and they will never tell us as it could lead to players playing in an undesirable fashion to manipulate the system as much as possible. Realistically the best way to rank up is to win as many games as you can.

Does your friends win/loss percentage allude to the fact they are having a more positive impact in their games than you are? Potentially. If you’d played every game together it would be easier to compare but there are a lot of variables and unknowns. But it’s best the community doesn’t know absolutely everything.

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What if a high ranked player kills a low ranked player over and over, as opposed to killing high ranked players? Does this system account not only the kills, but the difference in rank of who they killed during the match…for example: a team of two onyx a plat and a gold play against the same…the onyx player goes 30-10 but 27 of the kills are against the silver or plat players…do they still get the same amount of credit as say killing the other onyx players?

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That doesn’t matter. All that matters is if you’re beating a team with a higher win% chance against you, which is calculated by their team composition (an average mmr score). Exactly who you’re killing in the match doesn’t matter at all. It’s 1 team vs another team. I get the point you’re trying to make or point out but it unfortunately does not matter, and this is why we see teams abuse the new account manipulation so often.

I appreciate this post, other than now Justin can now say with certainty he is the MVP over me.

I’m still not sure what this MVP stat really is…all I can say is it’s certainly not based off the best looking spartan.

Yea, I think this is possible. I wish I had a better understanding of how it works.

This is why I feel all players should be valued equally when rewards/punishments are calculated. In a F2P, where I can make infinite accounts. My actual ability is not reflected by my rank…because I can make a new account anytime…throw the 10 placement matches and abuse the system as a “Bronze” player with “Onyx” ability.

The issue is that although this is in fact true that new accounts can be made, we have to actually look at what the system does when it’s doing its job in a normal match. Not every single player does these dumb tricks to inflate their rankings and their friends, thought it undeniably does still exist.

Here is a VERY standard rule of thumb I give any player frustrated with the ranking system.

  • your best matches are to be played with players very close to your rating and skill range. This allows you all to progress together while 1 player is not lagging far behind

  • your worst matches are played with players to high up in the rankings EVEN if you’re competitive in the same matches. Your ranking being lower is held against you. The system will not want to move you up as fast since your matches are calculated sometimes in a manner where…your win has more to do with the fact that you had the big Dawgs help rather than what you did…even if you out perform them. You will only move up if you CONSISTENTLY outperform them…1 loss though? SMACK back down you go buddy. Love it or hate it. Accept it and play with your friends. It’s just the nature of the beast, and them having gotten their rank before you becomes the difference of who gets the most bang for their buck in the matches. This is where its experienced most in terms of “win a match for 1csr point, lose a match for loss of 10csr points.”

  • your match history matters. If youre stuck as platinum 5 with a win rate of like basically 50%, you’ll notice a lot of matches are meant to be won without many being used as an opportunity to rank up. the system has calculated you are where you belong, and is serving up healthy matches that feel manageable but not overwhelming. You won’t be tested unless you really start performing differently, or join players at a higher skill range and the lobby shifts and there’s an opportunity. Should you lose though? Ouch.

I think that covers most scenarios. That example of a platinum player can be used at any ranking pretty much, but the most frustrating would be in the onyx tier. Players at that range really assume a win should result in a positive csr outcome , and become frustrated at the +1csr and -10csr scenario. In some instances…well sure…beating a team equal to or lower shouldn’t just pump the csr up…however…a lost to a team pretty close tl your teams rankings…in a match that ends in 50 to 45 slayer? 100 to like 80 in oddball I a 1-2 win…a close game of other words…should not result in this extreme negative shift in your csr. It really discourages players from wanting to continue their sessions. There should be a more flat range of +/- csr in these instances…and it should be made clear somewhere on these forums what the threshold is for everything.


Yep. You can do that. And people do.

Which is why they need to have a range limit on who you can squad up with. And probably a game limit as well. Your account has to be ‘x’ games old before you can go into ranked with a buddy.

Yep. The trick is not to overthink it.

Win and your rank will take care of itself.

I think 343 made a big mistake showing the MMR and allowing it to become grindable. It’s just making people play in a toxic manner to accumulate a handful of essentially meaningless MMR points.

I’m just tired of the smurfing, boosting, (mixture), and being placed against 1800+ teams when I am around 1600 CSR. When I win any match I am getting 1-5 points. I lose… and I go down 10-20. It’s insane and makes me not want to play at ALL.

Hell, one match… I went down nearly 50 points… I was so close to breaking the 1600 onyx. Then the game decides here are 2 disconnects in a row, and it put me back at 1514. Now I am slowly climbing back up.

Then factor in all the math they use for rank and it’s just miserable.

Yes, think most of us can agree the ranking system feels a bit abusable and unfair at times.

343 please do something….a response to this thread would be fantastic.

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A lot of people fall into this pattern when they reach their rank.

You tend to play more games vs lower ranked teams. So you go on little winning streaks that accumulate CSR but not MMR. When you lose a match (inevitable game with team-mates you don’t gel with) the game the system takes it away. So your CSR oscillates a bit around your actual rank.

You have to beat teams ranked above you to rank up.

But it’s the pattern of up/down that frustrates people. They need a better way of displaying your CSR to add a bit of stability.