Halo Infinite ranked strategy

Please mark where your enemies are at when you’re playing ranked. I cannot stress this enough but this is what you need to do in order to help ypur teammates track where the enemies are. We do not have radar so do what you must to help your team.

In probably 15-20 ranked matches, I’ve had maybe 3 people communicate. I’m cool with not speaking but you’re absolutely right, please at least ping them on the map.

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I’m getting tired of deranking only because people refuse to mark where the enemies are at. I’m somehow always getting blindsided when I shouldn’t be.

Hate to say it but you aren’t going to. F2P has attracted people that jump right into matchmaking and don’t even care to do not matches to improve. You can’t teach those who don’t want to be in taught. Trust me I haven’t won a single game in quick play because some simply don’t know how to play Halo and aren’t taking the time to learn. It’s honestly -Yoink!- me off. Infinite is fun but not when you get matched with people who have no clue what they’re doing. I feel that I’m playing with Battle Royale players honestly.

Oh goodness that actually sounds stressful… that would make me break my controller knowing those people are playing ranked AND feeding the enemy team