Halo infinite ranked matchmaking MUST be fixed!

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Social is no better. For 4 weeks almost every day i can only win 33% of my matches or less. It’s ruining all the fun when your not allowed to win. Even though my average k/d in that time is close to 2.0 every day.

No functional SBMM would every create that. That is statistically impossible.

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That’s what I’m saying. My accuracy is >55%, I’m at it near the top of n the ranks on every match, but I lose because I keep getting stuck with crap for teammates.

Now, my CSR gains on a win are dropping bc my mmr is dropping from all the losses.

It cannot be random that I lost 15-20 games in a row due to getting stuck with inept players.

The matchmaking needs to be improved

Last match, I went 18:18

Tm1: 13:19
Tm2: 5:17
Tm3: 11:16

This is why I don’t play rank no more

Yeah, I think I’m gonna quit ranked too.

Too many people that have no idea what they’re doing, and they always end up on my team.

I lost 26 matches in a row yesterday…which is ridiculous. All bc there was one or two people who had no business in ranked.

Also, you DO lose CSR when someone quits and it goes 3 v 4. I have four screenshots of me losing CSR when a player on my team quit mid-game.

It sucks because no one cares to win even in ranked. Halo is the only game I can play where people have absolutely no clue what they’re doing, and refuse to improve: in cod though everyone’s a G and respects skill.

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Might have to make the switch.

It’s definitely a lot better

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