Halo Infinite : Quarantine mode

What if either replacing or being released alongside infection in Halo Infinite, a “Quarantine/Sterilisation” mode where you start as a spartan/ODST team going through areas on Zeta Halo, on a mission to eliminate flood cold storage facilities that have malfunctioned (like the Halo 3 map) or try to survive in an overrun base or as a flood pure form, hunting down the human survivors. This could be done very well and (hopefully) well-received mode. Kind of like the night hunter in Dying Light, the pure form could be evolved to suit your playstyle and also upgrade your survivor’s armour and weapons (Longshot BR with a silencer, etc.) using universal points earned after a match depending on your performance (Outcome, kills, deaths, special kills, etc.). Now, most of you might be thinking, ‘How do you stop a new player getting destroyed by a level 130 flood form capable of sniping you from across the map or pouncing on you from nowhere?’ It’s simple, put weapon upgrades/evolutions into grades (e.g. a new player that is a flood form can only fight survivors with a maximum of 5 upgrades). So, what do any of you think of this? Would it be well recieved by the community, both old and new?