Halo Infinite Qualifier 1

I really enjoyed watching the qualifiers yesterday. I think overall they were great. My biggest critique is that the overlay and observer mode details took up way too much of the screen. I think the easiest fix would be to remove the player stats onscreen and move the player name (who is being observed) to the bottome middle of the screen. If you want to keep player stats why not show them next to the player name when they are being observed or just make that a talking point for casters. Right now it’s pointless for casters to bring up K/D when we can read it onscreen.

I really enjoyed it too but I did like being able to see all the stats. That was very nice.

Part of me doesn’t like being able to see all the players through walls because it doesn’t look like it does when we play but also it ruins the surprise of a good push or unexpected encounter.

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